Today I have a 2 time Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee

Mr Gregg Rolie as my guest.

This man is a founding member of Santana and Journey.

His B3 playing, singing and songwriting is absolutely next level.

Back in 1969 Gregg played Woodstock as a member of Santana and the rest is history.

After leaving Santana, Gregg and Neal Schon start the band Journey and record 3 records before adding lead singer Steve Perry.

With Steve, Journey make the masterpiece "INFINITY" a record i consider one of the best ever to come out of the Bay Area 

You can catch Gregg these days playing in Ringo Starr's band who are currently out on tour right now.

Oct 11th Gregg has a brand new solo record coming out called Sonic Ranch and you can hear the brand new single out today on iTunes called "What About Love"


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Today one of my favorite humans, Comedian and Radio host Mr Ron Bennington returns to Let There Be Talk for a full on celebration of the 50TH Anniversary of Woodstock.

Ron and I talk Woodstock and his new Comedy Tour "Kreeps With Kids" which starts Oct 18th with Robert Kelly, Ron, Rich Vos and Jim Florentine.

Make sure you tune into Rons show on Sirius XM 2pm to 5pm Monday thru Friday on channel 103.

By the way I say Amazing 24 times on the intro so enjoy that.

Candles Lit


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Today is a Very rare solo episode of LET THERE BE TALK.

Dean went to The Met museum in NYC to see the Play It Loud exhibit which is a Collection of the rarest and most famous guitars in the world.

Guitars owned and played by Jimmy Page, Jerry Garcia, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Prince and so many more.

Dean dives way down the guitar rabbit hole and even talks about his first guitars and how he got the guitar addiction.

Have a fantastic week and keep the candles lit.


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Today on Let There Be Talk my good friend comedy photographer

Troy Conrad stops by and talks all about how he got started shoot Stand Up Comedy.

If you are a Stand Up Comedy fan there is no doubt you have seen some of Troy's work. 

For years he has been shooting the weekly show at the Comedy Store called The Roast Battle.

Troy also shot the iconic Hallway Series photos of the Paid Regulars at The Store. 

This mans story is incredible so do not sleep. Download it asap and make sure you follow Troy on Instagram @troyconrads to see all his Art as you are listening.

Candles Lit


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