Today I dive into Bob Dylan playing at Farm Aid with The Heartbreakers ,

Neil Young and John Mayer concerts in LA,

Usher being selected for the Super Bowl Halftime

and a bonus guest Brandon Henderson C.E.O. of BOXCAR Comedy Club in Springville Utah


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Today I dive into

Meeting Baseball Hall Of Famer Randy Johnson,

U2 dropping a new song Atomic City,

Black Crowes pick up 2 new members and

my love of Miles Davis music.

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Today I dive into - 

AC/DC announced a new Drummer for PowerTrip, 

Beastie Boys get Squared and

My favorite late 80's and 90's Rolling Stones Songs

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8 years in the making my guest Director, Peter Dowd follows a man around that is absolutely obsessed with Jimmy Page.

The first time Akio Sakurai hears Led Zeppelin as a teenager, and then laid eyes on the band in The Song Remains the Same, the group's 1976 concert documentary, Sakurai has had one mission in life: to demonstrate his adoration of Zeppelin founder Jimmy Page. He is completely candid about this: "I want to be Jimmy Page," he remembers thinking.

The film is an amazing Document of what it's like to dive way down a rabbit hole. Passion is in full effect here.

Peter has made a fantastic film and if you are a Led Zeppelin freak like myself you are really going to enjoy this.

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