Today we have the great Orianthi on the show. Not only is she a killer guitar player, She is also an incredible Singer/Songwriter

Orianthi has been playing guitar most of her life inspired at an early age by Carlos Santana and the early Blues Legends. Her father bought her a Paul Reed Smith guitar and she never put it down.

After a run as Alice Cooper's guitar player Orianthi was spotted by Michael Jackson and he quickly asked her to join him for the This Is It tour that ended up being cancelled after his untimely death.

These days Orianthi is constantly in the studio recording solo records or working with Richie Sambora on their project called RSO.

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Today will be a Metal Monday version of LET THERE BE TALK with my guest Jimmy Bower of EYEHATEGOD, Super Joint and Down.

This man has been crushing the Riffs for over 30 years and has no sign of stopping.

EYEHATEGOD released it's 6th record back in March called - A History Of Nomadic Behavior that is absolute fire. So do yourself a favor and buy it today and also get some tickets to see them live this summer at a festival near you.

I will also be out on the road in July so get your tickets now at 

Candles Lit my friends


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Today I sit down with a legend in the Music Merch world Mr Norman Perry president of Perryscope Productions.

Norman started out back in his early teens booking bands at the High School dances eventually working his way up to be one of the great Canadian concert promoters. 

In 1980 he was the Promoter for the AC/DC Back In Black tour through Canada so that right away made me want to talk to him but there is so much more.

Norman went from Concert Promotion to Concert Merchandiser working with another legend Michael Cohl at a company called Brockum.

These days Norman has an incredible company called Perryscope Productions where they do Music Licensing for acts like Pink Floyd, AC/DC, The Band, Bon Scott, Genesis, Miles Davis and so much more.

Normans music knowledge and stories are next level so tune in and take the ride.

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Today it's another legendary Drummer on the show, Mr Matt Chamberlain. 

Let me give you just a small run down of who this man has recorded with. David Bowie, Elton John, The Wallflowers, Bruce Springsteen, The Who, Fiona Apple and now he his Bob Dylan's drummer.

He played drums on Bobs recent record with the #1 song Murder Most Foul and has been Bobs live drummer for the last few years.

He also filled in for 50 dates as Soundgarden's drummer on the NIN tour.

You can hear Matt with his new band Painted Shield that also features Stone Gossard.

Tune in and enjoy this amazing mans story.

Candles Lit my friends 


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