If you watched the Comedy Store Documentary on Showtime recently you saw a comedian named Brian Holtzman.

You may of asked yourself who is Brian Holtzman? Well I'm gonna tell you who Brian Is.

This man has been grinding it out at the Store for 25 years and his Stand Up is definitely some of the most original and radical Comedy you will ever see.

He is one of those amazing Comedy Store best kept secrets. 

Today I sit down with my Brian and talk all about how he got started in Comedy. Brian also shares with us his CD collection which I know you guys will enjoy.

Do yourself a favor and check out his podcast Dead Air and also follow him on all the social media platforms. 

His Instagram is really fun so hit him up at @brianholtzman 

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Today On episode 569 of Let There Be Talk the great Jim Norton stops by and talks Stand Up Comedy, Rock n Roll, Getting in Shape and what it was like touring with Andrew Dice Clay.

You can hear Jim every morning on his SiriusXM show called Jim and Sam and you can also hear him on his podcast The Chip Chipperson Podcast.

Jim is one of the best comedians in the game and it was an honor to have him on the show.

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Alex Winter stopped by today to talk about the brand new documentary that he directed called Zappa.

This Frank Zappa film is absolutely next level and I have to tell you that even if you're not into Frank Zappa you should still watch this amazing film.

There will never be another Frank Zappa and his influence on Music and Art is massive. Everyone from Primus to The Flaming Lips have a taste of Zappa.

Alex Winter has directed some really amazing Doc's over the years including Deep Web and Downloaded as well as having a very successful acting career so it was an honor to have this man on.

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Today to great Liberty Devitto, Drummer best known for his work with Billy Joel stops by and talks about his brand new book "Life,Billy and the Pursuit of Happiness"

Liberty played drums with Billy Joel for over 30 years. You can hear his work on those classic Billy Joel records like The Stranger, 52nd Street and Glass Houses. I grew up on those records and that incredible band and it was an honor to sit down with this man.

Liberty has also played with some of the biggest in the industry including the legend herself Stevie Nicks.

These days Liberty rocks with his new band The Slim Kings and you can hear their new record this month on all your favorite streaming platforms.

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