On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK one of my favorite humans of all time Mr Dave Catching stops by and talks about his life in Rock n Roll.

Dave has lived an amazing life playing in some of the best bands ever including EODM,Queens of The Stone Age,Masters of Reality,Earthlings? Mojave Lords and so much more.

Dave is also the owner of one of the best Recording Studios in the world called Ranch De La Luna as seen on the HBO series Sonic Highways.


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Today's Episode of LET THERE BE TALK will be a "Handmade" edition with my guest Paul Jacobs CEO of Klipsch Audio Speakers made right here in the USA in Hope Arkansas.

You guys know how i love high end audio gear so to have Paul on from my Favorite speaker company was a Honor.

This episode is the definition of Handmade. Klipsch has been around for more than 70 years and their story is amazing.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK the great Brian Slagel Founder and CEO of Metal Blade Records stops back by to talk about his brand new book "FOR THE SAKE OF HEAVINESS THE HISTORY OF METAL BLADE RECORDS"

Brian and i get way into some great Heavy Metal talk including the early days of METALLICA,SLAYER and MERCYFUL FATE.

We also talk about Satanic Music,NYC vs Los Angeles,Metal Musicians and Politics.

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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK my friend Comedian Nick Thune stops by and we get into some Stand Up Comedy talk.

Nick is a old friend and i have been wanting him on the show for years so it was so good to have him on.

Nick talks about his Writing Process,Acting,French Bulldogs and of course Music.

Nick has been on The Tonight Show 8 times doing Stand Up so make sure you check him out on Youtube and the TONIGHT SHOW Website as well as Comedy Central.

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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK the great Steve Howey stops by and talks about season 8 of Shameless premiering Nov 5th on Showtime.

Steve and I also get into his audition process,what it's like to do frontal nude scenes and of course Sons of Anarchy.

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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is the great Jim Bogios drummer/band member of the Counting Crows.

Before Jim joined the Counting Crows he was a full on Drummer for Hire playing with some of the biggest acts in the music biz including Sheryl Crow,Dixie Chicks,Stevie Nicks and Ben Folds.

Jim also played on my debut solo record Lone Mountain Serenade.

Catch Counting Crows out on tour right now with Matchbox 20.

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