Today I dive into,

The return of Slayer,

Lenny Kravitz killing it on the Peoples Choice Awards and 

doing Stand Up Comedy over the weekend in the Pacific North West.

Also I dig into the new Judas Priest song, The Serpent and The King.

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THIS WEEK: I dive into

Palm Springs Architecture and the Elvis Presley Honeymoon Hideaway, 

New Music by a band called Ghostwoman,

My first real job at Foster Freeze and

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Tour

#deandelray #neilyoung #palmsprings

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Today I dive into - 

AC/DC Tour Dates,

The Super Bowl 2024,

New Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Nominee’s

and my thoughts on some new Streaming Speakers.

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Today I sit down with my funny friend, comedian Shane Torres and 

talk all about his brand new 1 hour special The Blue Eyed Mexican available right now

for free on YouTube.

Shane and I also dive into all kinds of topics like our love of Comedy, Music, Norm Macdonald and what its like opening for a band as a comedian.

Catch Shane out on tour right now.

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