Last week I hosted a benefit concert for the great Jimmy Hayward put on by Primus.

If you don't know who Jimmy is he is an absolute genius in the Animation world.

Jimmy has worked on Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc. Finding Nemo, Shrek 2 and so much more.

He is also a full on Rock n Roller with his band Legend Of The Seagullman with Brent Hinds of Mastodon and Danny Carey of Tool.

Jimmy has been hit with a very rare form of Skin Cancer and needs our help.

Hit the GoFundMe link and then Listen to this episode. 

Jimmy is a Beautiful Human so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great weekend.


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Today I dive into

Doing Comedy in Bars

The new Metallica Record

Timing is Everything

and watching Beef on Netflix

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Today I sit down with Mario Quintero of the fantastic band Spotlights.

Mario and I talk about Spotlights new record Alchemy for The Dead which is coming out April 28th 2023.

We also dive into how they got signed to Mike Patton's label Ipecac, the bands early influences and the their upcoming tour with Mr Bungle and The Melvins.

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Candles Lit


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Today I dive into Bands Fighting over Money,

Things to do in Las Vegas other than getting drunk

and the new Porsche 911 Turbo cars.

Thanks for joining me on these solo episodes I really love doing them.

See me in Texas this weekend.

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Today I go solo and dive into the Power Trip Festival with AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, Metallica, Ozzy and Tool. 

Also I talk about finally seeing the Clive Davis documentary and how I ended up recording some music in Joshua Tree at the world famous Rancho de la Luna Studio. 

Hope you have a great week and if you are in Las Vegas this week come see me at the Comedy Cellar April 3rd - 9th 2023  

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