Today is a monumental day here on Let There Be Talk.

My guest is absolutely in the top 5 of all time Dream Guest.

Mr Paul Stanley.

To sit down with Paul was a dream come true. I've said this over and over that KISS is the reason I am alive.

I love you Paul and I owe you big time brother.

This is a huge day #500

Thanks to all the DELRAISERS around the world for tuning in each week.

Also thank you to the great Kevin Christy for the new incredible art work and also for being a fantastic friend.

Candles Lit


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Today my good friend drummer Mike Miley of the Rival Sons stops by for a fantastic episode.

Mike talks about his early days as the house drummer for the Carson Daly Show and also his stint with Veruca Salt.

Mike has played with all kinds of bands before joining up with Scott Holiday to start the Rival Sons. Mike has been grinding for year and it's finally paying off.

Spread the word of Let There Be Talk and the Rival Sons.

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Today the great groove king Mr Steve Gorman returns to Let There Be Talk for a long conversation about his new book -

"Hard To Handle The Life and Death Of The Black Crowes"

Steve also has a brand new radio show and a brand new Trigger Hippy record out right now.

Steve is hands down one of the greatest rock n roll drummers I have ever seen and played with. This man is next level on the skins. It was an honor to have him back on the show.

Tune in and spread the word Delraisers.

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Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is Lead Guitar bad ass Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest.

Richie replaced K.K. Downing almost 10 years ago and has been 

killing it on the stage and in the studio ever since.

Coming off the very successful Firepower tour Richie sat down with me over the weekend in Nashville to talk about all things Judas Priest.

It was very cool to hear this mans story and I think you guys will really dig this episode.

Enjoy and have a great week.

Candles Lit.

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