Today is another Handmade Edition of Let There Be Talk with my guest Jerome Mage owner and designer of the one of the best Eyewear Companies in the last 30 years Jacques Marie Mage.

This mans passion is infectious. His frames are like works of art. The craftsmanship is so far beyond anything else I've ever seen.

I have been wanting to have this man on for over a year and it finally happened and I can't thank him enough for taking the time out to talk with me on how this amazing company started.

I have been an Eyewear fanatic from an early age. Of course it has to do with Rock N Roll. Sunglasses go hand in hand with Musicians.

Sit back and enjoy this mans journey and follow his Instagram @jacquesmariemage and have your mind blown.

Candles Lit



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Today on another episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is the HIP HOP legend Darryl DMC McDaniels.

In 1984 the musical landscape completely change when the debut RUN DMC record dropped. With songs like Hard Times, Sucker M.C.'S and Rock Box this group was about to totally change the game.

In just a few short years they became the biggest band on the planet. Selling Out Arena's all over, A Sneaker deal and even a spot on the now legendary LIVE AID.

Multi Platinum records, Huge videos including Walk This Way and  ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME inductees they have done it all.

All through the fame and fortune DMC was fighting some brutal depression. Tune in and hear how he got through that and so many other amazing stories from this living Legend.

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Today I sit down with Rob Dukes former singer of the Bay Area Thrash Metal band Exodus and current singer of Generation Kill.

Rob and I dive into all kinds of topics like Motorcycles, Restoring Volkswagens, Stand Up Comedy and of course singing with Exodus.

Rob is currently working on a brand new Generation Kill record and  he also has his hands full restoring vintage Volkswagens.

Great Episode and I really think you guys will dig this one.

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Today I sit down with one of my favorite guitar players from the Bay Area Mr Gary Pihl.

Gary has been playing professionally for almost his entire life.

I first saw Gary back around late 1979 when he was playing guitar in Sammy Hagar's band.

Gary immediately became one of my favorite players back then with his Gibson SG Special. I must have seen Gary play in Sammy's band 10 times in and around the Bay Area. I never missed Hagar live all the way up until he joined Van Halen.

After Sammy joined Van Halen Gary was asked by Tom Scholz to join Boston and he's been in the band since 1986.

Gary's story is fantastic and I think you guys are really gonna dig this episode.

So much great Bay Area love on this one.

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