Today my good friend Josh Homme returns to the show for the 3rd time

to catch up on life.

We dive into his love of Music, Stand Up Comedy and of course the Desert.

Josh also talks covering David Bowie at the Taylor Hawkins tribute and what it was

like playing San Quentin.

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Today I sit down with the legend himself Mr Steve Vai

for an in-depth conversation on his entire career.

We dive into his time with Zappa, Roth, Alcatrazz, Whitesnake and of course his history with Ibanez.

It was an honor to have Steve on the show, I really enjoyed talking to him.

See Steve out on the G3 tour right now.

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Today I dive into, 

The genius of Rod Temperton and the band Heatwave, 

The Bon Scott Tribute wrap up and 

New music by The Black Crowes. 

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Today my friend Joe Bonamassa returns to the show for an in-depth 

conversation on Guitar Collecting, The State of the Music Biz, Comedy and 

Dumble Amps.

Joe is an incredible guitar player, singer, songwriter who has been recording and touring for over 35 years.

I really enjoyed this one and I know you will to.

Thanks for tuning in. 

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Today I dive into

Scott Ian's incredible 60th Birthday Party,

My top Records of 2023 and

My year in Stand Up Comedy.

Thank you for tuning in every week.


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