#234;Josh Warner/Good Art

On this Episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is Josh Warner.

Josh Warner makes some of the coolest Jewelry and Leather items all by hand in Downtown Los Angeles.

This is part of my HAND MADE SERIES turning you guys onto cool people who make cool stuff by Hand.

Do not miss this episode.

Motorcycles, Leather Jackets, Rock N Roll and Jewelry!

Make Sure You Check Out His Stuff at GOODART.COM

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#233:Marcus Price/Photographer/Musician/Friend

On this episode of LET THERE BE TALK my new friend Marcus Price stops by and we talk Photography, Rock n Roll and Cars.

Marcus works for Amy Schumer and Hannibal Buress as their touring Videographer/Photographer 

Marcus also plays Bass Guitar in 4 different bands.

He's travelled the globe which makes for some great stories here on LTBT


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#232:Phil Soussan/Bass Player

On todays episode of LET THERE BE TALK My friend Phil Soussan stops by and talks about his career in Rock n Roll.

Phil played bass with Ozzy of course and wrote the hit song Shot In The Dark but what you may not know is he also played with Jimmy Page in a very early version of The Firm.

Phil also just opened a Sushi restaurant in Los Angeles and invited me over for some Sushi and Rock Talk. So sit back and enjoy this special episode of LET THERE BE TALK.


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#231:WESCO BOOTS with Chris Warren

On this episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is Chris Warren sales manager for my favorite boot company in the world WESCO BOOTS.

WESCO has been making hand made boots in the USA for 98 years.

The quality is unbelievable and the customization is endless.

i really loved talking to Chris and i hope you enjoy it 2.

Also on the first half of this episode Spicer stops by and we do some catching up on life.



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#230:Chris D'Elia/Comedian/Actor

On this episode of LET THERE BE TALK one of my best friends Chris D'Elia stops by and talks about how he got started in Stand Up,what its like working on Undateable and his love of HIP HOP.

Chris also talks about his writing process and who some of his favorite comedians are.

Tune in and enjoy this episode.

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#229:Yngwie Malmsteen

Today is a special bonus episode of LET THERE BE TALK my Guest is Guitar God Yngwie Malmsteen.

Yngwie stops by and talks about his concert festival "GUITAR GODS" coming up FEB 19TH in Miami.

Yngwie also talks about his early days in rock n roll,his love for Miami, Ferrari's and Marshall amps.

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#228:Michael Devin/Bass Player for Whitesnake

On todays Episode of Let There Be Talk my friend Michael Devin, Bass player for Whitesnake stops by and talks about his life in rock n roll.

If you don't know who Michael is do yourself a favor and rock this episode asap.

Michael has some amazing tales about playing Bass in such bands as Lynch Mob,Jason Bonham and Whitesnake.


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#227:Marc Ford/Former Lead Guitarist of The Black Crowes and Ben Harper

On todays episode of Let There Be Talk one of my all time favorite guitar players Mr Marc Ford stops by and talks about his life in The Black Crowes,playing with Ben Harper and his new Solo Record he is about to make.

Do not miss this very open and honest conversation with Marc.

Donate to Marc's Kickstarter and help him make his new record  

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