On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is Wes Borland Guitarist/Songwriter for Limp Bizkit,Big Dumb Face and Black Light Burns. Wes has been working on all kinds of amazing music projects over the last year from his new home in Detroit.

This conversation is a honest look into Wes's life in music for the last 20 something years.

We also talk about his brand new solo record Crystal Machete and the track you here on the intro is a cut from that very record called End Credits.

Wes has also been oil painting on Canvas for years and we get into that topic also.

Do not miss this amazing episode.

Also on the intro i talk about my month in NYC and also my thoughts on the new 2018 Harley Davidson's 

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Today's episode comes to you from NEW YORK CITY with my guest comedian/host of The Bon Fire Mr Dan Soder.

Dan stops by and we talk about our love of Stand Up Comedy and Music especially our love of Queens Of The Stone Age.

Dan is a fantastic Stand Up Comedian who tours all over the US.

Dan also is the Co-Host of the great Sirius Radio show The Bon Fire on Comedy Central Radio 95 every Monday thru Thursday with Big Jay Oakerson.

Look for Dan's new Half Hour Special on Netflix out now.

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If you ever wondered how i got my start into Rock N Roll this episode is gonna answer that question.

My guest today is Tom Gaffey Founder and General Manager of The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma California the very place i discovered Live Rock N Roll on a club level.

Sure i had seen concerts before stumbling into the Phoenix back in 1980 but this was something entirely new. It was up close in your face raw Rock n Roll served up in a tiny theater in Petaluma California.

Some of the shows i saw in the Phoenix include Metallica Megadeth Devo The Ramones Eddie Money Mr Bungle and on and on and on.

It was also a venue i cut my live teeth in playing Rock music with my band and learning the ropes of Live Rock n Roll.

Tom is the Willie Wonka of Rock and like a big brother 2 me.

Do not miss this episode about this Historic Venue. 


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Today on LET THERE BE TALK my guest is the great Stephen McSwain Head designer and luthier of McSwain Guitars out of Portland Oregon.

Stephen and I sit down and talk about what it's like to build handmade guitars in America for the last 20 years.

Stephen and i also discuss his recent relocation to Portland Oregon and what kind of adjustments he had to make in life to follow his dream.

Stephen has a long waiting list for his custom guitars and has built guitars for some of the biggest rock stars in the biz including Jerry Cantrell and Slash.

Do not miss this epic episode brought to you by  

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