Today I sit down with Mike Kerr of Royal Blood and talk about their fantastic new album Back To The Water Below.

Mike and I also dive into how Royal Blood got their start, The Songwriting process and of course our love of Jimmy Page.

Make sure you catch Royal Blood out on tour and check out their new album out right now.

If you missed my other episode with drummer Ben Thatcher of Royal Blood go back and check that out also.

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Today I sit down with Roger Earl drummer and founding member of Foghat.

Roger and I dive into his long incredible career including, His early days in Savoy Brown,

Recording the infamous Foghat Live album and Foghat's new record Sonic Mojo.


Foghat has sold Millions of records loaded with hit songs that you still hear on the radio


Fool For The City, Slow Ride, I Just Wanna Make Love To You and Stone Blue to name a few.

Sit back and hear this mans incredible story on today's episode of Let There Be Talk.


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Today I dive into

Doing Stand Up Comedy in Madison Square Garden with Bill Burr, 

Seeing the Jaws play The Shark Is Broken and

Fully Bombing at The Comedy Cellar Brunch Show.

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Today I sit down with the great Duane Betts son of the legendary Dickey Betts.

Duane has a fantastic new record out called Wild & Precious Life and he is currently out on 

tour around America which includes a stop in Los Angeles Nov 18th 2023.


When Duane is not touring with his solo band you can find him in his other band The Allman Betts Band or maybe sitting in with Phil Lesh somewhere out on the road.

Duane and I dive into all kinds of topics including his early bands like Whitestarr, spending time in Malibu, and Guitar and Amp choices.

Get his new record asap and see this man out on tour.

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