Today we have another drummer/songwriter on the show Mr Hunt Sales.

You may have heard Hunt laying down the groove on your favorite Iggy Pop records or early Todd Rundgren records and of course who could forget the great Tin Machine with David Bowie.

Hear how Hunt and his brother Tony got started back in the day, What it was like having Soupy Sales as his father and what he's working on these days.

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Today we have a Rock n Roll lifer on the show Mr Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

I have been listening to this mans music since the 90's and I have to say he is a huge influence on me with his outlook on art and work ethic.

With over 19 records out and more to come this man is the real deal. Anton has never been afraid to speak his mind and also explore all kinds of sounds and feelings in his music.

The Brian Jonestown are currently out on tour and also have 2 new records coming out including Fire Doesn't Grow on Trees which will be out June 24th.

Anton and I sit down and dive deep into all things Jonestown so sit back and enjoy this conversation.

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My guest today is the punk rock legend John Doe of the Los Angeles band X.

John has been making incredible music most of his life including his new solo record Fables in a Foreign land which is out right now.

John and I dive into the early days of X and working with Ray Manzarek of the Doors, Playing the David Letterman show in the 80's, writing and recording during Covid and living in different parts of the country.

Catch John out on tour with his solo band and also with X all this summer.

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Today I sit down with Ahmet Zappa and talk all things Comedy and Rock.

Ahmet and I dive deep into all things Zappa including the Zappa Doc, The Zappa Band touring right now and Life growing up as a Zappa.

Make sure you check out his Sirius XM show Rocktails and follow him on Instagram @ahmetzappa

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