Today we dive into the last of my Marcus King Tour Diary Series with the great Mike "Sleeveless" Runyon keyboard player for The Marcus King Band.

Mike has been playing Keys all his life and has a great story on how he joined the Marcus King Band.

Mike and I dive into our love of the B3, our favorite players and some of our favorite tour moments.

Also I make a very special announcement on this episode during the intro so give it a listen.

I wanna thank everyone on the MK tour I will never forget you guys. 

Keep the Candles lit my friends



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Today I continue my Marcus King Band Diary with Drew Smithers slide and 2nd guitar player for the Marcus King Band.

Drew is a fantastic Guitar Player and a great human with a really cool story.

Drew and I dive deep into how he got started playing guitar, his time in Bishop Gunn, Working at Carter Vintage and of course how he joined

the Marcus King Band.

Thanks for tuning in and have a fantastic Thanksgiving everyone.

Candles Lit



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Today I sit dow with Jason Roberts and talk all about what it's like to drive a Rock n Roll Tour Bus for a living.

You ever wonder how people start driving Musicians around the United States in a tour bus then this episode is for you.

Tour bus driving is a stressful job and a really good driver is hard to come by.

Some bands keep the same driver for years when they find a good one and Jason is one of the best.

Jason has driven some of the biggest stars in the biz including Lucinda Williams, Drake and Marcus King.

Sit back and enjoy this episode and thank you for always tuning in.



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Today we have a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame legend Mr John Oates on the show.

John stops by today to talk about his new single Pushin' A Rock, his years in the Music Biz, Songwriting and Recording and His love of Porsche 911 cars.

Daryl Hall & John Oates are the most successful duo in the history of music selling over 80 million Records to date.

The list of hits is mind boggling, She's Gone, Sara Smile, Maneater, Private Eyes, Kiss Is On My List, Out Of Touch and so many more.

It was an honor to sit down with John today.

Hope you enjoy this episode. Don't forget to subscribe and review the podcast on iTunes and YouTube.

Keep Rocking 


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