On today's episode of Let There Be Talk my guest is comedian Joe List.

Joe is a fantastic comedian and a great friend and I could not think of a better guest to have for my end of the year Episode.

Joe and I sit down today and dive into our end of the year list of Favorite Records, Films and Concerts of 2018.

We also get into a lot of Stand Up Comedy talk.

Joe has been doing Stand Up for 18 years and recently had a kick ass Netflix 30 min special released that you should watch ASAP.

Happy New Year to all of you Delraisers hope to see you in 2019.



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Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is one of the greatest guitars players alive Mr Josh Zee.

If you have never heard of Josh Zee you can thank me after this episode. This man is a monster on the guitar. 

Josh is one of my oldest friends from the Bay Area and today we sit down and reminisce about all things Rock n Roll.

Josh played in a great band in the early 90's called Protein that signed a massive record deal on Sony / Works records.

After a couple of records Protein disbanded and Josh started another very successful band called The Mother Truckers with his wife Teal Collins. They moved to Austin Texas for 10 years and made a bunch of great records.

Josh and Teal are back in the Bay Area now playing more music than ever.

Josh has been my right hand man for all these years every time I fire up the Tribute to Bon Scott and I couldn't imagine doing the shows with anyone else on lead guitar.

Sit back and enjoy 2 friends talking Rock.

Happy Holidays.



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Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is heavy metal lifer Mr Lizzy Borden.

Lizzy has been in the Metal game for 35 years and has no plans on stopping.

His latest record My Midnight Things has received some of the best reviews of his career and even found its way into the Billboard top 200.

It was an honor to sit down with this man and talk about the history of Lizzy Borden.

All of Lizzy Borden's music can be found at 

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Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is the incredible Catherine Popper bass player for some of the biggest names in the music biz.

Catherine has played bass guitar with Jack White,Willie Nelson,Levon Helm,Jesse Malin,Ryan Adams and the Cardinals and many many more.

Catherine also has a band called Puss n Boots with Norah Jones and Sasha Dobson and they are out playing gigs around New York City.

It was an honor to sit down with Catherine and I think you guys are gonna love this episode.

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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is NYC Hardcore legend John Joseph lead vocalist of The Cro-Mags.

In 1986 i saw the Cro-Mags on the Age of Quarrel tour at the River Theatre in Guerneville California and it was a concert I never forgot.

Today John stops by and Pulls No Punches as he goes deep into the history of the Cro-Mags.

John also talks about his Plant Based Diet, Training for Triathlons, Religion and his brand new book The PMA Effect.

John's Life has been a wild ride and his stories are something you do not wanna miss.   


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