Today is new music day with Amanda Hardy of the rock band Bexley.

I love sharing new music with all of you and I really think you guys are going to dig Amanda's story.

Amanda grew up in Seattle and fell in love with the grunge scene but at 24 years old she didn't get to experience it live but the music has influenced her heavily and she is happy to carry the torch.

Bexley has a new album about to drop and I must say it kicks ass.

Check out their music on Youtube and all streaming platforms and please help spread the word.

Keep The Candles Lit



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In the 70's into the 80's Dennis DeYoung wrote and sang some of the biggest FM Radio Hits ever. To this day Styx dominates the radio airwaves with an army of hit songs like Lady, To Much Time On My Hands, Babe, Blue Collar Man, Renegade, Come Sail Away and so many more.

It was an Honor to sit down with Dennis and talk about his incredible long successful career.

Dennis has a brand new solo album coming out in June called 26 East Volume 2 so make sure you go buy it and also look for his Live Dates on his website 


Candles it my friends


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Today I sit down with the great Emily Armstrong of Dead Sara.

Dead Sara have been grinding it out for over 18 years and have never stopped. Their debut record came out in 2012 and had the smash hit Weatherman and right away they hit the road on the VANS WARPED Tour as well as touring with huge bands like Muse, The Offspring and Bush.

Emily and I dive deep into the history of the band and their brand new single "Hands Up"

Look out for Dead Sara's new record and new tour dates.

Candles Lit my friends 


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Today I have a Hollywood Legend on the show Mr Josh Richman.

Born and Raised in Los Angeles Josh started out as a child actor landing roles in iconic films like Rivers Edge, Thrashin and Natural Born Killers.

Just a few years later Josh found himself Writing and Producing Don't Cry one of the biggest videos in Guns n' Roses history.

These days Josh is know as the Biggest club Promoter that Los Angeles has ever seen. With over 20 years in the game his stories will blow your mind.




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Today we have a punk rock legend on the show Mr Paul Leary guitarist and songwriter of the Butthole Surfers.

At 63 years old this man has been rocking his entire life.

Riding around the world in a Van sleeping on floors and eating at every Denny's in America, He has done it all.

These days you will find him in the studio producing records and recording solo albums.

Paul has worked with some of the best including U2, Sublime, The Meat Puppets, The Reverend Horton Heat and so many more.

Paul has a brand new solo record out right now called Born Stupid and it is available on all streaming platforms so go out and buy it right now.

When this episode is over turn on some Butthole Surfers and enjoy the insanity of Originality.

Candles Lit my friends


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