Today on Let There Be Talk Comedian Roy Wood Jr stops by and talks about his career in Stand Up Comedy.

You may know Roy from The Daily Show or Sullivan & Son or maybe you've seen him for the last 18 years on a stage somewhere in America doing Stand Up Comedy.

Roy has a brand new 1 hour special out right now on Comedy Central called NO ONE LOVES YOU that you can watch at  

Roy Sites down and talks all about his process of writing and working material nightly in the New York Clubs.

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Today on Let There Be Talk the guitar legend Mr. Jake E Lee stops by for a honest in-depth conversation.

Jake and I sit down for a few hours and talk all about his time in Ozzy, forming Badlands and his brand new group Red Dragon Cartel.

Jake was an epic dream guest and I would like to thank Mike Varney for making this possible.

Keep The Candles Lit.


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Today on this episode of Let There Be Talk my friend comedian Jimmy Carr and I sit down at the Comedy Cellar in NYC for a full on conversation on Comedy,Watches,Cars and Clothing making this the perfect Let There Be Talk.

Do not miss Jimmy's new show The Fix which can be seen right now

on Netflix.

Jimmy is one of the best comedians in the game and a great human and it was an honor to have this man on the show.

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Today on Let There Be Talk we are kicking off the new year with the incredible Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour.

This man is an amazing Vocalist,Songwriter and Performer and if you have not seen him live do yourself a favor and Do it ASAP.

Corey and I sat down last week in Las Vegas and had a real conversation about the Music Biz, Addictions, Recording, and Life in Las Vegas.

This man bust his ass 24/7 to get where he is now in his Career and it was a honor to have him on the show.

Slipknot is about to hit the studio and start a new record that hopefully will be out in 2019.

Happy New Year Delraisers.

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