Today on episode #510 my former boss and great friend Garo Aroutiounian stops by and talks about the insanity of us working together at Harley.

After I played music and before I started Stand Up Comedy I worked at Harley Davidson for years. Garo was not only my boss but also an incredible friend. 

Tune in and hear some crazy stories from those days.

Happy New Year Delraisers.

Direct download: Garo_final_mix.mp3
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Today the Drum legend Vinnie Colaiuta stops by and tells all kinds of great stories about his long musical career as a studio and live Drummer.

This man has played with Frank Zappa, Sting, Jeff Beck, Madonna, Megadeth, Barbra Streisand and hundreds and hundreds more.

His skill are absolutely next level. When musician want the best they always call Vinnie to come in and lay down some serious Groove.

Happy Holidays and keep the Candles Lit.

This episode is brought to you by use the code DEAN for a big discount.

Direct download: Vinnie_Colaiuta_Final_mix.mp3
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Today on episode #508 of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is expert auto detailer Ed Lopez.

Ed is an absolute artist when it comes to High End Auto detailing.

Tune in and hear how Ed got his start in the highly competitive world of Auto Detailing.

If you have ever detailed your own car before you are definitely gonna wanna listen to this episode to hear what you may be doing wrong.

Keep The Candles Lit.



Direct download: ED_LOPEZ_FINAL_MIX.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 9:37pm PDT

Today on this brand new episode of Let There Be Talk my guest is Paul Altieri Founder & CEO of one of the most successful watch shops in America "BOB'S Watches"

BOB'S watches revolutionized the way watches are sold on the Internet. Paul had a vision and with a lot of hard work has become the industry leader.

This mans story is incredible.

This episode is brought to you by use the code DEAN for big discounts 


Direct download: Bobs_Watches_final_mix.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 6:05pm PDT

Today Dec 6th is my 10 year Anniversary of doing Stand Up Comedy. 

DEC 6th 2009 I started Stand Up and that first week I met a man name JC Morgan. He was a 47 years old ex Rock n Roll lighting guy for people like Prince and Whitesnake.

We were total outsiders and had no idea what we were doing but over the years we figured it out.

Today we sit down and talk all about that first year of Comedy.

I will never forget that 1st year and I hope you guys enjoy this roll down memory lane. 

Like Me, Johns life has taken him in all kinds of directions and he has really lived a storied Life.

John is now the Production Manager for the LA Forum.

Enjoy this people and thanks for the support over the last 10 years.


Direct download: 10_YEAR_ANNIVERSARY_JC_MORGAN_final.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 5:37pm PDT

Today on episode #505 of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is Austin legend Mike Flanigin.

Mike 'The Drifter' Flanigin is known as the 'go to' Hammond B3 organist for Lone Star guitar legends Jimmie Vaughan and Billy Gibbons.   He has also performed with Steve Miller, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Plant, Willie Nelson, ZZ Top, Gary Clark Jr., Doyle Bramhall II, Charlie Sexton and many others.  His 2015 solo release THE DRIFTER reached #1 on the iTunes Blues Chart and was described by Rolling Stone Magazine as a “Road trip-worthy record, with Flanigin creating his own version of atmospheric Americiana.” 

I absolutely love this mans playing and it was a honor to sit down with him and get a history lesson on all things Hammond B3 Organ.

I think you guys will really dig this episode.


Direct download: Mike_Flanigin_final_mix.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 1:38pm PDT

Today on episode #504 of Let There Be Talk I sit down with a full on legend Mr Andy Kindler.

Besides being a touring Comedian over the years Andy has been busy working on TV shows like 

Everybody Loves Raymond, David Letterman, The Daily Show,

Bobs Burgers and in 2010 he was a Judge on Last Comic Standing.

Every year Andy delivers his annual state of the industry address at Montreal's "Just For Laughs" which has become a must see for everyone at the festival.

Have a great Thanksgiving Delraisers and Keep the Candles Lit.

Direct download: ANDY_KINDLER_FINAL.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 10:11pm PDT

Today I sit down with Mikeal Maglieri owner of the historic Rainbow Bar and Grill and The Whisky a Go Go.

For 3 generations the Maglieri Family has been rocking the Sunset Strip with their now Historic Landmark establishments. 

Mikeal and I talk all about the brand new documentary film

"The Rainbow" which covers the history of both The Rainbow and The Whisky.

We also talk about the legend himself Lemmy and how the Lemmy statue came together.

Enjoy and spread the word.


Direct download: MIKE_RAINBOW_fINAL_mix.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 1:43pm PDT

Today on Let There Be Talk its part 2 of my conversation with the great John Mayer.

We dive deep into Music, Songwriting, Guitars, Watches and Life.

Thank you John for this incredible ride I will never forget it.

Heads up people. If you missed part 1 it was posted last week and it's available on all streaming platforms.


Direct download: John_Mayer_Part_2_final_mix.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 1:07pm PDT

I could sit here and type for an hour and still not be able to describe 

what this episode means to me, So I will just let the episode do the talking.

Enjoy episode #501 today with the Guitar/Songwriting king Mr John Mayer.

Don't forget to tune in next week for part 2.

Thank You so much John. 


Direct download: John_Mayer_Part_1_Final_Mix.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 12:06am PDT

Today is a monumental day here on Let There Be Talk.

My guest is absolutely in the top 5 of all time Dream Guest.

Mr Paul Stanley.

To sit down with Paul was a dream come true. I've said this over and over that KISS is the reason I am alive.

I love you Paul and I owe you big time brother.

This is a huge day #500

Thanks to all the DELRAISERS around the world for tuning in each week.

Also thank you to the great Kevin Christy for the new incredible art work and also for being a fantastic friend.

Candles Lit


Direct download: Paul_Stanley_final_mix.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 9:07am PDT

Today my good friend drummer Mike Miley of the Rival Sons stops by for a fantastic episode.

Mike talks about his early days as the house drummer for the Carson Daly Show and also his stint with Veruca Salt.

Mike has played with all kinds of bands before joining up with Scott Holiday to start the Rival Sons. Mike has been grinding for year and it's finally paying off.

Spread the word of Let There Be Talk and the Rival Sons.

This episode is brought to you by use the code DEAN for 20% off everything.


Direct download: Mike_Miley_Final_mix.mp3
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Today the great groove king Mr Steve Gorman returns to Let There Be Talk for a long conversation about his new book -

"Hard To Handle The Life and Death Of The Black Crowes"

Steve also has a brand new radio show and a brand new Trigger Hippy record out right now.

Steve is hands down one of the greatest rock n roll drummers I have ever seen and played with. This man is next level on the skins. It was an honor to have him back on the show.

Tune in and spread the word Delraisers.

This episode is brought to you by use the code DEAN for 20% of everything.


Direct download: Stve_Gorman_round_2_final_mix.mp3
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Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is Lead Guitar bad ass Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest.

Richie replaced K.K. Downing almost 10 years ago and has been 

killing it on the stage and in the studio ever since.

Coming off the very successful Firepower tour Richie sat down with me over the weekend in Nashville to talk about all things Judas Priest.

It was very cool to hear this mans story and I think you guys will really dig this episode.

Enjoy and have a great week.

Candles Lit.

This episode is brought to you by use the code DEAN for 20% off everything.


Direct download: Richie_Faulkner_Final_Mix.mp3
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This will be a Handmade edition of LET THERE BE TALK.

Since 1905 the best leather in the world has come out of Chicago handmade at the Horween Leather Company.

Most of my Boots,Belts, Jackets and Wallets are made of Horween Leather.

These guys supply leather for some of the greatest handmade products in the world including Schott Leather Jackets, Wesco Boots, Vibram and so much more.

Since the 1940's Horween has also supplied the leather to Wilson to make all the footballs for the NFL.

This company has been Family owned for 5 generations and they still do everything the same way since they did the day they opened.

It does not get anymore Handmade than Horween.

Enjoy this and visit there Instagram at 

This episode is brought to you by use the code DEAN for 20% off everything.

Direct download: Nick_Hoween_Final_mix.mp3
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Today my guest is Bass Guitar legend Mr John Taylor of Duran Duran.

John stopped by today to talk all about his career in Music.

In the 80's Duran Duran was absolutely one of the biggest bands ever to hit MTV and the Radio. This band exploded globally with hit after hit after hit and to this day they still play live and record.

2020 will be the 40th anniversary of the band and they plan to release a new record and launch a massive tour.

John and I also dig into his other projects from over the years including The Power Station and Neurotic Outsiders.

John was a fantastic guest and I think you are really gonna dig this.

Keep the Candles Lit.

This Episode is brought to you by Use the code DEAN for 20% off everything.


Direct download: john_taylor_final_mix.mp3
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Today the Drum legend Dave Lombardo returns for the 3rd time to discuss all the amazing things he's been doing in 2019.

Since Dave left Slayer he has been busier than ever laying down the groove with bands like Misfits, Mr. Bungle, Suicidal Tendencies and Dead Cross just to name a few.

This conversation was so much fun, Going all over the place from Drums to Misfits to Fast Cars to how the Mr. Bungle project came back to life.

Thanks For Tuning in Delraisers.

This Episode is brought to you by the best CBD Products on the market. Use the code DEAN for 20% off everything 


Direct download: Dave_Lombardo_3rd_time_final_mix.mp3
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Today on Let There Be Talk my guest are a fantastic new band from Australia called Tropical F*ck Storm.

This band has 2 records out. The 1st one is called 

A Laughing Death In Meatspace which came out in 2018 and their brand new record is called Braindrops.

I've been a fan of this band for over a year now and finally got to see them live last week in LA and they absolutely blew the roof off the place.

Follow them on Instagram at @tropical_fuck_storm for all tour dates.

This episode is brought to you by the best CBD products on the planet. use the code DEAN for 20% of all products.

Direct download: tropical_fuck_storm_final_mix.mp3
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Today on Let There Be Talk #492 the great Joey Diaz stops by to dive deep into some Grateful Dead talk.

Joey and I both grew up not digging The Dead but over the years we finally figure them out.

I think you guys are really gonna dig this episode.

Today's Sponsor for the podcast is CBD LION. Use the link for a 20% discount on all their amazing products.

Use the Code DEAN at check out. 

Direct download: Joey_Diaz_Dead_Talk_Final_Mix.mp3
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Today I have a 2 time Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee

Mr Gregg Rolie as my guest.

This man is a founding member of Santana and Journey.

His B3 playing, singing and songwriting is absolutely next level.

Back in 1969 Gregg played Woodstock as a member of Santana and the rest is history.

After leaving Santana, Gregg and Neal Schon start the band Journey and record 3 records before adding lead singer Steve Perry.

With Steve, Journey make the masterpiece "INFINITY" a record i consider one of the best ever to come out of the Bay Area 

You can catch Gregg these days playing in Ringo Starr's band who are currently out on tour right now.

Oct 11th Gregg has a brand new solo record coming out called Sonic Ranch and you can hear the brand new single out today on iTunes called "What About Love"


This episode is brought to you by CBD LION for a 20% off discount 

on all you CBD needs Use the code DEAN at checkout.

click on the link 

Direct download: Gregg_Rolie_final_mix.mp3
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Today one of my favorite humans, Comedian and Radio host Mr Ron Bennington returns to Let There Be Talk for a full on celebration of the 50TH Anniversary of Woodstock.

Ron and I talk Woodstock and his new Comedy Tour "Kreeps With Kids" which starts Oct 18th with Robert Kelly, Ron, Rich Vos and Jim Florentine.

Make sure you tune into Rons show on Sirius XM 2pm to 5pm Monday thru Friday on channel 103.

By the way I say Amazing 24 times on the intro so enjoy that.

Candles Lit


Direct download: ron_bennington_2nd_visit_final_mix.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 7:28pm PDT

Today is a Very rare solo episode of LET THERE BE TALK.

Dean went to The Met museum in NYC to see the Play It Loud exhibit which is a Collection of the rarest and most famous guitars in the world.

Guitars owned and played by Jimmy Page, Jerry Garcia, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Prince and so many more.

Dean dives way down the guitar rabbit hole and even talks about his first guitars and how he got the guitar addiction.

Have a fantastic week and keep the candles lit.


Direct download: Delray_Solo_Guitar_talk_EP_489_FINAL.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 11:21pm PDT

Today on Let There Be Talk my good friend comedy photographer

Troy Conrad stops by and talks all about how he got started shoot Stand Up Comedy.

If you are a Stand Up Comedy fan there is no doubt you have seen some of Troy's work. 

For years he has been shooting the weekly show at the Comedy Store called The Roast Battle.

Troy also shot the iconic Hallway Series photos of the Paid Regulars at The Store. 

This mans story is incredible so do not sleep. Download it asap and make sure you follow Troy on Instagram @troyconrads to see all his Art as you are listening.

Candles Lit


Direct download: TROY_CONRAD_FINAL_MIX.mp3
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A few years ago I interviewed Tom Rothrock for a very cool episode of Let There Be Talk. It was incredible to sit down with the man who produced some of my all time favorite records by BECK, Elliott Smith and Badly Drawn Boy.

Shortly after that episode was done we decided to do a Comedy Record together that never came out.

Today I sit down with him and we talk about what happened to that record.

We also talk about a brand new band that Tom is working with called Hollywood Hex which he was kind enough to give me 2 songs to share with you guys at the end of this episode.

I think you guys will really dig this episode.

This episode is brought to you by  

Use this new website for deals on Last minute tickets to plays sporting events and concerts. Get $10 off use the code Delray

Direct download: TOM_ROTHROCK_FINAL_MIX_PART_2.mp3
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Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is Photographer Ronnie Lyon.

Ronnie and I met years ago at the Bonzo Bash and have been working together ever since.

Ronnie shoots tons of Rock n Roll but he also shoots Surf, Auto Racing and Life.

This mans story is very inspiring. Years ago he worked in a refinery making gasoline for a living but a change of events found him out of a job.

Ronnie decided to go for it and start a whole new life shooting Photos with no guarantee that he would make any money.

Years later now he is a full time photographer and a very happy man.

Like I always say get out there and go for it.

Hope you guys enjoy Ronnie's episode and remember

Keep The Candles Lit


Direct download: Ronnie_Lyon_Final_Mix.mp3
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Today on Let There Be Talk the very funny comedian Taylor Tomlinson stops by and Talks all things comedy.

Taylor started Stand Up at 16 years old and now at 25 years old she is taking over the comedy world.

Taylor has been seen on Last Comic Standing, Netflix, Conan, Comedy Central series Adam Devine's House Party and now she has a brand new show on Fox called What Just Happened??! with Fred Savage.

This is a very cool Comedy Episode that I think you guys are gonna dig.

Keep The Candles Lit.


Direct download: Tayor_Tomlinson_final_mix.mp3
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Today on Let There Be Talk I sit down with my friend, Comedian Chingo Bling and talk all about how he made the transition from Comedic Rapper to full on Stand Up Comedian.

Chingo is from Houston Texas where he started his Stand Up career 5 years ago but before that he was a full on Rapper with a record deal.

This was a great Comedy talk. We cover all kinds of topics like what its like opening for bands as a comedian, Early Hell gigs and taking acting classes to open up the right side of your brain.

Hope you guys dig the episode and thanks for tuning in.

Candles Lit.



Direct download: Chingo_Bling_Final_mix.mp3
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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK the very funny comedian

Rachel Feinstein stops by and tells all kinds of great stories including moving to New York with the band Dick Sister,moving in with someone she met on a Greyhound Bus and also how she started doing Stand Up Comedy.

Rachel was just on the Comedy Central Historical Roast with Jeff Ross. She also has 2 Comedy Specials out and a hit podcast called 3 girls 1 Keith with Amy Schumer,Bridget Everett and Keith Robinson.

This is a very funny episode so do not sleep. Tune in now and also spread the word Delraisers.

Happy 4th of July.



Direct download: Rachel_Feinstein_Final_Mix.mp3
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Today is another Handmade Edition of Let There Be Talk with my guest

Cameron Weiss owner of the great WEISS WATCH COMPANY.

Cameron makes handmade watches right here in Los Angeles. This mans story is incredible.

Cameron fell in love with watches at a young age when his parents bought him his first Swatch Watch. Little did he know back then that he would turn his passion into a full on successful business.

check out his website and follow him on Instagram 

Make sure you leave a review and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and YouTube.

Direct download: Cameron_Weiss_final_mix.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 11:17am PDT

Today my good friend comedian Ian Edwards stops by and talks all about his brand new 1 Hour Comedy Special "Ian Talks" out on Comedy Central July 12th.

Ian has been an incredible friend/mentor to me for my entire comedy career and its always great to sit down with him and talk comedy and life.

Ian's special is part of the Bill Burr Presents series on Comedy Central along with Paul Virzi and Jessica Kirson who also have specials in the series.

Do not sleep on these specials and don't forget to tell a friend.

Keep the Candles Lit.



Direct download: Ian_Edwards_Final_Mix.mp3
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Today on Let There Be Talk the great Jeff Pilson stops by and talks all things Bass Guitar.

This man has played Bass with Dokken, Dio, Foreigner, Randy Hansen and many other incredible projects.

He is also a great Record Producer and an amazing Songwriter.

We sit down today and dig into his long amazing career in Rock N Roll so sit back and enjoy the ride.


This episode is brought to you by Harry's Shaving Blades. Use this link for a free Offer.  

Direct download: Jeff_Pilson_Final_Mix.mp3
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Today on Let There Be Talk a very old friend of mine Mr Eric McFadden

stops by and talks all things Guitar and Art.

You may of never heard of Eric but i will tell you this he has played with everyone.

Eric has toured with the Legend of Funk himself Mr George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars.

McFadden has worked with Les Claypool, Joe Strummer, The Reverend Horton Heat, The Coup, Galactic, Keb Mo, Bernie Worrell, Pat MacDonald, Fishbone, Widespread Panic, Jackson Browne, Nels Cline, and Mike Watt, among many others.

This mans own music is also fantastic and back in the day my band and his band Liar would play weekly together all over San Francisco. 

Tune in and hear us reminisce about the Bay Area Music Scene.

This episode is brought to you by KEEPS you want to keep the hair you have use this free offer at 


Direct download: Eric_McFadden_final_mix.mp3
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Today I sit down with Steve Zahler owner of the fantastic New York City Arcade called Modern Pinball NYC located on 3rd and 27th in the City.

Steve and I talk all things Pinball including the history of Pinball,Pinball Championship Tournaments, and Pinball Machine Designs.

I have always loved Pinball and still to this day I play monthly where ever I can.

Hope you guys enjoy our nerd session on Pinball and don't forget to get out there and play some Pinball.

PS Stern I need a Machine at the Studio.

Direct download: Stev_Zahler_pinball_Final_Mix.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 11:31am PDT

Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is Comedian Olivia Grace.

You may know Olivia from the very popular Comedy Central show The Roast Battle.

Olivia is know for her Roasting Skills and even wrote for the Roast of Bruce Willis. 

At just 23 years old Olivia is already making a name for herself in the Comedy World.

Tune in and hear how she started Comedy and also what she's up to this year.

Catch Olivia this week opening for the Legend Doug Stanhope in Las Vegas.


This episode is brought to you by Civic Tax Relief call them for free advice 800-541-1189 

Direct download: Olivia_Grace_Final_mix.mp3
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Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is actor Robert Hays. You may know Robert from the 80's comedy masterpieces Airplane and Airplane II The Sequel. 

Robert has been acting for most of his life. He started out on the stage then went into TV working on shows like The Rockford Files, The Streets Of San Francisco, Laverne & Shirley and The Love Boat. But then an audition landed him the role of a lifetime and his whole life changed. That Audition was for Airplane.

Tune in and hear how this legend started out in the biz.

This episode is brought to you buy Harrys Shaving Blades. use this link for a free trial offer 

Direct download: Robert_Hays_final_mix.mp3
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Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is New Wave legend Mike Score of A Flock Of Seagulls.

I first saw A flock Of Seagulls in 1983 at the US Festival in the middle of the 80's New Wave explosion.MTV was in high gear and all kinds of great New Wave music was filling the airwaves. A Flock Of Seagulls had incredible songs like "I Ran"  "Space Age Love Song" "Wishing and Nightmares.

Mike Score was everywhere in the early 80's with his incredible Hair, Fashion and Songs.

It was an honor to talk to this man about his Music career.

Thanks for tuning in. 

This episode is brought to you by Civic Tax Relief. If you need Free Tax   Relief consultation call 800-541-1189 

Direct download: Mike_Score_final_mix.mp3
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Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is legendary Rock n Roll Photographer Neil Zlozower.

Neil has been shooting Rock n Roll for over 49 years and has some of the best photos I've ever seen.

Neils photos of Van Halen from 78 thru 84 will blow your mind and I am willing to bet you will recognize a lot of his work including the Guns N' Roses and Motley Crue sessions.

There is a brand new Documentary out on Neil called IN YOUR FACE available now on iTunes and Amazon.

Check out his website before you start this episode just so you can get an idea of his work. 

Direct download: Neil_Zlozower_Final_Mix.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 6:18pm PDT

Today on another episode of Let There Be Talk my guest is comedian Dane Cook.

Dane stops by for an honest talk about his comedy career.

Dane has been doing Stand Up Comedy for 29 years and is currently on a his "TELL IT LIKE IT IS"  US Tour right now.

Do Not Miss This Episode.

Go to to get Tour Dates and Tickets.


My up coming road dates are April 29th thru May5th Las Vegas Comedy Cellar at the Rio Hotel.

June 7th thru 9th La Jolla Comedy Store.

All tickets at 



Direct download: dane_cook_final.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 1:11am PDT

Today on Let There Be Talk my friend comedian Ramy Youssef stops by and talks all about his brand new HULU Series out April 19th called Ramy.

I watched this show and I gotta tell you it's fantastic.The tone is very original and I can't recommend it enough.

Tune in and hear Ramy talk about his upbringing, how he started stand up comedy and how the show Ramy got made.

Thanks for tuning in my friends.



Direct download: Ramy_Youssef_Final_Mix.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 12:40pm PDT

Today on Let There Be Talk I sit down with an incredible band out of Rochester NY called King Buffalo.

Sean Mcvay, Dan Reynolds and Scott Donaldson stop by and talk all about their brand new record LONGING TO BE THE MOUNTAIN.

This band may be new to me in the last 6 months but they have been together since 2013 constantly touring and recording, grinding it out the old school way.

Do yourself a favor and check out all their music on iTunes and visit their website 

I hope you guys enjoy this bonus episode that was recorded live at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles California

Have a great weekend. 


KING BUFFALO – Rochester, NY.
Psychedelic / Heavy Blues / Stoner Rock.
Formed in September of 2013.


Direct download: King_Buffalo_final_mix.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 12:11am PDT

Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is one of the greatest rock n roll drummers ever Mr Tommy Aldridge.

Tommy sat down with me and we discussed his entire career in rock n roll including his days in Black Oak Arkansas, Pat Travers Band, Ozzy and Whitesnake.

It was an honor to talk to this man. His stories are absolutely incredible. A true Legend and I can't thank him enough for doing the show.

Don't forget to check out all the LET THERE BE TALK bonus episodes on Patreon. 


Direct download: tommy_aldridge_final_mix.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 3:32pm PDT

Today I celebrate some new music with my incredible guest Nick Perri.

Nick Perri has a smoking new band called The Underground Thieves that I found out about 6 months ago and from that day on I've been listening to them non stop.

Nick is not new to the music world. In early 2003/4 He signed a massive record deal with his band Silvertide and went on to sell over 400,000 records. 

After that band fell apart Nick did a little time with the group Shinedown before landing the guitar position with Perry Farrell's Satellite Party. 

In the past year Nick has been busting his ass writing and recording and touring with his new group The Underground Thieves. This past week they released a new single that is absolutely fantastic called White Noise.

See this band live and help spread the word.

Candles Lit.

Direct download: Nick_Perri_The_Undergorund_Theives_Final_Mix.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 4:23pm PDT

Today on Let There Be Talk a Rock N Roll Hall of Famer Mr David Coverdale stops by to discuss the brand new Whitesnake record Flesh & Blood and the 35th anniversary release of Slide It In.

In 1973 David auditioned for Deep Purple as a complete unknown and got the gig and it's been hit after hit ever since.

From Deep Purple to Whitesnake to Jimmy Page.

This man has wrote an army of FM Hit songs and it was an honor to talk to him today.


This episode is brought to you by KEEPS

This is a fantastic offer for Haircare. If you are thinning up there use this free offer asap. 


Direct download: DAVID_COVERDALE_FINAL_MIX.mp3
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Today on this episode of LET THERE BE TALK a full on Legend stops by Mr Alan Parsons of the Alan Parsons Project.

At 18 years old Alan was working at the world famous Abbey Road Studios with the Beatles. Can you imagine being 18 and working with your favorite band who also happens to be the biggest band in the world. Alan also help string up the Mics for the famous Roof Top Concert which was The Beatles last concert ever.

He also worked on the Pink Floyd masterpiece Dark Side Of The Moon.

From there he went on to form The Alan Parsons Project and  proceeded to write and record some of the biggest FM RADIO hits ever including Games People Play,I Wouldn't Wanna Be Like You,Breakdown and Eye In The Sky.

Alan has a brand new record coming out in April and is about to do a US TOUR.

Also on this episode my good friend Greg Loiacono of the Mother Hips stops by to talk a little bit about his new Solo project and a new super group he is playing in called The Green Leaf Rustlers featuring Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes/CRB fame.

Direct download: Alan_Parson_final_Mix.mp3
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This is a midweek Bonus Episode celebrating Baselworld 2019 with my best friend Kevin Christy.

This is our 4th year of covering Baselworld and it is definitely one of our favorite things to do in life.

Kevin and I sit down and talk all the new watch releases for 2019 including Rolex, Tudor and Patek Philippe.

Even if you don't like watches you may get a laugh at 2 nerds going nuts over Watches.

Thanks for tuning in.

Direct download: kevin_Bael_world_final.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 7:28pm PDT

Today on LET THERE BE TALK it's all Rock N Roll with my guest photographer Cody Smyth.

Cody was there from day 1 of The Strokes and took photos for over 10 years and now he has put that collection of photos together in a book called THE STROKES the first 10 YEARS.

This book absolutely blows my mind. To be able to see photos of The Strokes from the ground up and document it as they were about to explode is so cool.

Tune in and enjoy this Kick ass NYC conversation.

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Today will be another "Handmade Edition" of Let There Be Talk with my guest Cameron Barr owner of one of the greatest Vintage Watch Shops in America "Craft and Tailored" located in Downtown Los Angeles.

Cameron and I met in NYC recently and got to talking and I new right away I had to have him on the show.

We sit down and really dig into the Vintage Watch World.

If you always had questions about watches chances are this episode will answer them all.

We also talk Porsche cars, Leather Jackets, Denim and our love of Handmade Goods.

Craft and Tailored is definitely on THE DEANS LIST.

Thank you for all your support people. I love you guys.




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Today I sit down with some Rock N Roll legends Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie and Deen Castronovo and discuss one of the hottest touring acts of 2019 "JOURNEY THROUGH TIME"

I saw this group Saturday night and I cannot stress this enough you must see this band.

It was an honor to sit down with Neal and Gregg who are 2 time Rock n Roll Hall of Famers. Being inducted with Santana and Journey.

Deen Castronovo is hands down one of the best Drummers I have ever seen and now he is also singing all the Steve Perry parts live and just Crushing it.

I honestly feel that Neal, Gregg and Dean are 3 of the greatest musicians ever to play Rock N Roll.


Long Live Brody Stevens.



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Friday, February 22,2019 we lost a Legend my friend and yours Brody Stevens. I felt it was only right to repost my conversation with Brody from the last time he was on the show Dec 1st 2016.

This episode was always one of my favorites because Brody had no fear and always spoke very honest about his Life and Career.

I loved Brody and learned so much from this man over the years.

He was one of the best Comedians I had ever seen.

Brody was the definition of Rock N Roll.

Push & Believe 

Go to Youtube and watch clips of Brody and spread the word of his Art.



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Today on LET THERE BE TALK my guest is Mat Weisfeld President of VPI Industries. VPI has been making Handmade Turntables in New Jersey for the last 40 years and they are absolutely next level.

A few weeks ago I went out to the factory took the tour and then sat down with Mat and talked everything Turntables.

This is a fantastic episode that will probably answer all your questions 

You have ever had about turntables.

Make sure you visit VPI's instagram page while listening to this episode so you can really get an idea of what we are talking about.

Hope you enjoy another Handmade Edition of Let There Be Talk 

this episode is brought to you by Keeps the ultimate hair loss offer

use this link for a free offer 

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Today on Let There Be Talk I sit down with one of my favorite comedians Mr Gary Gulman and discuss his recent twitter Stand Up Tips.

This man is one of the best comedians in the game and If you have never seen him live do yourself a favor and go out there and see him when he comes to your city.

It was an honor to have Gary on the show. This man has been doing Stand Up for 25 years and is just next level.

Check out Gary's latest Conan set from last week. 

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Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is Glen E. Friedman A pioneer in Skate, Punk, and Hip Hop Photography.

Glen has a book out right now called My Rules that is absolutely one of the best Photo Books I've ever seen.

I sit down with Glen and we talk late 70,s Skateboarding, Punk Rock, Hip Hop, New York and Los Angeles.

We also dive into eating clean, keeping the planet together and just trying to be a nice person.

This man is a legend and you should definitely buy his book ASAP.


Thanks for tuning in Please do not forget to leave a review and Subscribe on iTunes.


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Today on Let There Be Talk Comedian Roy Wood Jr stops by and talks about his career in Stand Up Comedy.

You may know Roy from The Daily Show or Sullivan & Son or maybe you've seen him for the last 18 years on a stage somewhere in America doing Stand Up Comedy.

Roy has a brand new 1 hour special out right now on Comedy Central called NO ONE LOVES YOU that you can watch at  

Roy Sites down and talks all about his process of writing and working material nightly in the New York Clubs.

Thanks for tuning in Delraisers 



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Today on Let There Be Talk the guitar legend Mr. Jake E Lee stops by for a honest in-depth conversation.

Jake and I sit down for a few hours and talk all about his time in Ozzy, forming Badlands and his brand new group Red Dragon Cartel.

Jake was an epic dream guest and I would like to thank Mike Varney for making this possible.

Keep The Candles Lit.


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Today on this episode of Let There Be Talk my friend comedian Jimmy Carr and I sit down at the Comedy Cellar in NYC for a full on conversation on Comedy,Watches,Cars and Clothing making this the perfect Let There Be Talk.

Do not miss Jimmy's new show The Fix which can be seen right now

on Netflix.

Jimmy is one of the best comedians in the game and a great human and it was an honor to have this man on the show.

Thanks for tuning in everyone don't forget to leave a review on iTunes 

and Subscribe.


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Today on Let There Be Talk we are kicking off the new year with the incredible Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour.

This man is an amazing Vocalist,Songwriter and Performer and if you have not seen him live do yourself a favor and Do it ASAP.

Corey and I sat down last week in Las Vegas and had a real conversation about the Music Biz, Addictions, Recording, and Life in Las Vegas.

This man bust his ass 24/7 to get where he is now in his Career and it was a honor to have him on the show.

Slipknot is about to hit the studio and start a new record that hopefully will be out in 2019.

Happy New Year Delraisers.

Don't forget to Subscribe to the podcast and also Leave a Review on iTunes.



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