This will be a Handmade edition of LET THERE BE TALK.

Since 1905 the best leather in the world has come out of Chicago handmade at the Horween Leather Company.

Most of my Boots,Belts, Jackets and Wallets are made of Horween Leather.

These guys supply leather for some of the greatest handmade products in the world including Schott Leather Jackets, Wesco Boots, Vibram and so much more.

Since the 1940's Horween has also supplied the leather to Wilson to make all the footballs for the NFL.

This company has been Family owned for 5 generations and they still do everything the same way since they did the day they opened.

It does not get anymore Handmade than Horween.

Enjoy this and visit there Instagram at 

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Today my guest is Bass Guitar legend Mr John Taylor of Duran Duran.

John stopped by today to talk all about his career in Music.

In the 80's Duran Duran was absolutely one of the biggest bands ever to hit MTV and the Radio. This band exploded globally with hit after hit after hit and to this day they still play live and record.

2020 will be the 40th anniversary of the band and they plan to release a new record and launch a massive tour.

John and I also dig into his other projects from over the years including The Power Station and Neurotic Outsiders.

John was a fantastic guest and I think you are really gonna dig this.

Keep the Candles Lit.

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Today the Drum legend Dave Lombardo returns for the 3rd time to discuss all the amazing things he's been doing in 2019.

Since Dave left Slayer he has been busier than ever laying down the groove with bands like Misfits, Mr. Bungle, Suicidal Tendencies and Dead Cross just to name a few.

This conversation was so much fun, Going all over the place from Drums to Misfits to Fast Cars to how the Mr. Bungle project came back to life.

Thanks For Tuning in Delraisers.

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Today on Let There Be Talk my guest are a fantastic new band from Australia called Tropical F*ck Storm.

This band has 2 records out. The 1st one is called 

A Laughing Death In Meatspace which came out in 2018 and their brand new record is called Braindrops.

I've been a fan of this band for over a year now and finally got to see them live last week in LA and they absolutely blew the roof off the place.

Follow them on Instagram at @tropical_fuck_storm for all tour dates.

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Today on Let There Be Talk #492 the great Joey Diaz stops by to dive deep into some Grateful Dead talk.

Joey and I both grew up not digging The Dead but over the years we finally figure them out.

I think you guys are really gonna dig this episode.

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