Friday, February 22,2019 we lost a Legend my friend and yours Brody Stevens. I felt it was only right to repost my conversation with Brody from the last time he was on the show Dec 1st 2016.

This episode was always one of my favorites because Brody had no fear and always spoke very honest about his Life and Career.

I loved Brody and learned so much from this man over the years.

He was one of the best Comedians I had ever seen.

Brody was the definition of Rock N Roll.

Push & Believe 

Go to Youtube and watch clips of Brody and spread the word of his Art.



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Today on LET THERE BE TALK my guest is Mat Weisfeld President of VPI Industries. VPI has been making Handmade Turntables in New Jersey for the last 40 years and they are absolutely next level.

A few weeks ago I went out to the factory took the tour and then sat down with Mat and talked everything Turntables.

This is a fantastic episode that will probably answer all your questions 

You have ever had about turntables.

Make sure you visit VPI's instagram page while listening to this episode so you can really get an idea of what we are talking about.

Hope you enjoy another Handmade Edition of Let There Be Talk 

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Today on Let There Be Talk I sit down with one of my favorite comedians Mr Gary Gulman and discuss his recent twitter Stand Up Tips.

This man is one of the best comedians in the game and If you have never seen him live do yourself a favor and go out there and see him when he comes to your city.

It was an honor to have Gary on the show. This man has been doing Stand Up for 25 years and is just next level.

Check out Gary's latest Conan set from last week. 

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Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is Glen E. Friedman A pioneer in Skate, Punk, and Hip Hop Photography.

Glen has a book out right now called My Rules that is absolutely one of the best Photo Books I've ever seen.

I sit down with Glen and we talk late 70,s Skateboarding, Punk Rock, Hip Hop, New York and Los Angeles.

We also dive into eating clean, keeping the planet together and just trying to be a nice person.

This man is a legend and you should definitely buy his book ASAP.


Thanks for tuning in Please do not forget to leave a review and Subscribe on iTunes.


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