#226:Magnus Walker/Urban Outlaw

On todays episode of LET THERE BE TALK i interview someone who could be my twin brother Mr Magnus Walker aka Urban Outlaw. Driver, Collector, Builder, Porsche Guy.

Magnus is a collector of all things Killer and Cool

Do not miss this one.

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#225:Blasko/Bass Player for Ozzy

On todays Episode of Let There Be Talk the great Blasko stops by and talks about what its like playing Bass for some of metals biggest stars.

Blasko is the current Bass Player for Ozzy but he has also played with ROB ZOMBIE and DANZIG.

Blasko tells a great story about how he got Lemmy from Motorhead on the cover of Bass Player Magazine so do not miss this.


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#224:Bill Burr and Dave Lombardo

On todays Episode of LET THERE BE TALK Comedian Bill Burr and Drummer Dave Lombardo stop by and talk Drums,Comedy and Life.

Do not miss this episode.

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#223:Chuck Billy/Testament

On todays episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is long time friend Chuck Billy lead singer of the highly successful band Testament.

Chuck and i talk about the early days of Thrash Metal in SAN FRANCISCO,his battle with Cancer and what its like playing Metal in 2016.

Do not miss this episode.

You can follow Chuck on Twitter and Instagram at @chuckfcknbilly 

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