Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is one of the greatest guitars players alive Mr Josh Zee.

If you have never heard of Josh Zee you can thank me after this episode. This man is a monster on the guitar. 

Josh is one of my oldest friends from the Bay Area and today we sit down and reminisce about all things Rock n Roll.

Josh played in a great band in the early 90's called Protein that signed a massive record deal on Sony / Works records.

After a couple of records Protein disbanded and Josh started another very successful band called The Mother Truckers with his wife Teal Collins. They moved to Austin Texas for 10 years and made a bunch of great records.

Josh and Teal are back in the Bay Area now playing more music than ever.

Josh has been my right hand man for all these years every time I fire up the Tribute to Bon Scott and I couldn't imagine doing the shows with anyone else on lead guitar.

Sit back and enjoy 2 friends talking Rock.

Happy Holidays.



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