If you ever wondered how i got my start into Rock N Roll this episode is gonna answer that question.

My guest today is Tom Gaffey Founder and General Manager of The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma California the very place i discovered Live Rock N Roll on a club level.

Sure i had seen concerts before stumbling into the Phoenix back in 1980 but this was something entirely new. It was up close in your face raw Rock n Roll served up in a tiny theater in Petaluma California.

Some of the shows i saw in the Phoenix include Metallica Megadeth Devo The Ramones Eddie Money Mr Bungle and on and on and on.

It was also a venue i cut my live teeth in playing Rock music with my band and learning the ropes of Live Rock n Roll.

Tom is the Willie Wonka of Rock and like a big brother 2 me.

Do not miss this episode about this Historic Venue. 


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