Its another "Handmade Edition" of LET THERE BE TALK.

My guest is the Tone Genius himself Mr Fil Olivieri owner of the incredible Guitar Amp and Pedal company called Solodallas.

Years ago Fil set out to find out how Angus Young of AC/DC got his incredible guitar tone on the Back in Black Album and what Fil found out will surprise you.

We run down the rabbit hole of Tone and our love of AC/DC on this episode and even if you don't love guitar or AC/DC which I find hard to believe you will love this conversation.

Fil is an incredible human and has a huge passion for Rock n Roll and i think you guys will love him after you hear us talk about all things Rock.

Check out his website and his YOUTUBE channel.

Candles Lit.

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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK the Legend Mr. Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister stops by for a very Heavy and Honest interview.

Jay Jay went from Drug Dealer to Rock Star to Flat Broke to Successful Artist Manager to now a cancer survivor. This man is a true Soldier.

This is one of my favorite episodes in a long time and it took place right in NEW YORK CITY.

If you have not seen the Documentary Film We Are Twisted Fucking Sister! Do yourself a favor and watch it asap.


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On today's episode of LET THERE BE ROCK my guest is the incredible Marcus King.

If you have not heard the Marcus King Band yet do not sleep. These guys are absolute Fire.

His 2016 record THE MARCUS KING BAND is hands down one of the best records i've heard in years.

Marcus and I sit down and talk about how he got started in the music biz and his love of guitar and singing.

Marcus and his band just finished a brand new record that will be coming out this year and you can catch them on the road all this summer. 


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Today on LET THERE BE TALK my guest is EveAnna Manley, President of Manley Labs.

Manley Labs makes some of the Audio Gear in the world and they are made right here in California. Manley specializes in High End Audio Equipment including Tube Mics that are used in Recording Studios today by all the biggest musicians in the music world.

If you ever wanted to get into High End Audio equipment like Home Stereo Gear but don't know where to star this episode is for you.

Special shout out to Mark Brunott for the Patreon support 


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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is Giles Padmore from Iron Heart International Denim and Work Wear.

This is a "Handmade" episode discussing the incredible Iron Heart  Denim Brand out of Japan.

Giles stops by and talks all things Denim and Work Wear from one of the greatest brands ever Iron Heart.

Giles story is amazing so you will not wanna miss this episode.

We dive deep into the history of the Iron Heart brand and also all things Denim.

The episode is brought to you by Simple Contacts follow the link for killer deals 

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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK an absolute legend Mr Scott Ian of Anthrax stops by and talks the history of the band.

This was a dream guest for me and I know you guys are gonna enjoy it.

Scott and I sit down for a couple of hours and talk everything Anthrax including the Singers the band's had,The History of S.O.D and also how the great Public Enemy Anthrax collaboration happened. 

Scott is also a huge Stand Up Comedy fan so we dig into some Comedy talk all on today's LET THERE BE TALK.

Do not miss Anthrax out on the Slayer Farewell Tour all Summer. 

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On today's episode of Let There Be Talk my guest is the great Country Music Legend Wheeler Walker Jr.

Wheeler and I sit down and dig deep into some Country Music talk.

Wheeler is tearing it up in the Music world and doing it all on his own no Major Label no Radio Play nothing but Hard Work and a Killer Grass Roots Following. 

Catch Wheeler Walker Jr this summer on Tour with Kid Rock.

Keep The Candles Lit.



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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is one of my all time favorite drummers Brad Wilk from one of my all time favorite bands Rage Against The Machine.

This was a dream guest for me and it was so cool to be able to dive deep into Brad's career.

This was Brad's first time doing a podcast and he absolutely kills it.

I hope you all enjoy this episode and make sure you go out and see Prophets of Rage when they come to your town.

Keep The Candles Lit


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Today on LET THERE BE TALK the guitar legend himself Mr Phil Collen of Def Leppard stops by to talk about his incredible long career playing  and writing songs with Def Leppard.

Phil is an Amazing Guitar Player and a long time favorite of mine.

We sit down for a live episode recorded in West Hollywood at the Made Worn Pop Up Store at Fred Segal in front of a live audience.

Not only do we talk Guitar and Def Leppard we also talk about Living a healthy Lifestyle and being Vegan.

Do not miss Def Leppard out on tour all summer with Journey.


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On Today's Let There Be Talk the legends of Hip Hop B-Real and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill join me at Fred Segal in Hollywood for a live episode recorded right on the Stage at the MADEWORN Pop Up Shop.

B-Real and Sen Dog sit down and talk about their love of Hip Hop and Metal and how Cypress Hill got started.

These guys are absolute legends in the game and have sold millions of records toured the world and recorded some of the best Hip Hop ever made.

i wanna thank MadeWorn and Cypress Hill for making this incredible day happen.

Make sure you check out all the music these guys make and pay a visit to the MadeWorn pop up shop at Fred Segal on the Sunset Blvd.

Candles Lit.

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