On today's episode of Let There Be Talk my friend comedian Jeremiah Watkins stops by and talks all about how the Roast Battle "Wave" got started.

The Wave is a very popular part of the Comedy Central show The Roast Battle.

You can see The Roast Battle and the Wave every Tuesday night at The Comedy Store live in The Belly Room.

Jeremiah also talks about his dreams to be on SNL,His amazing comedy show Stand Up On The Spot and what it feels like to be a Paid Regular at The Comedy Store.

Lots of fun Stand Up talk on Todays episode so tune in asap.


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On today's episode of Let There Be Talk my good friend Tony Hajjar stops by and talks all things Drums.

Tony is the fantastic drummer for the band AT THE DRIVE IN.

We sit down today and talk about his life and what its like playing Drums for one of the most powerful bands in the business.

Tony also has a new project out called Gone is Gone.

Follow him on Instagram at @tonyhajjar1 

This episode is brought to you by


and El Cajon Harley 



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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is the great Bay Area Rock n Roll Photographer Jay Blakesberg.

You may know Jay from his incredible Grateful Dead photos but what you may not know is Jay shot a lot of the early Alternative Rock Scene at the famous IBeam nightclub back in the day in San Francisco.

Jay also has tons of great Rock Photography books out including one that features one of my favorite bands The Mother Hips.

Tune in and enjoy this mans story and then hit his website and enjoy his art. 

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On today's episode of Let There Be Talk its the return of B*tchin 

Dean sits down with Co-Host Michael Devin from Whitesnake as they discuss all things B*tchin 

On this episode we discuss -

Can 1 band bring back Rock N Roll?

Great Films of 2017

Vinyl - Metallica and Wilco super box set releases.

Thanks for tuning in

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On Today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is the great

Larry "Ler" LaLonde guitarist for the band Primus.

Larry and I talk all about growing up in the Bay Area and how lucky we were to be in that music melting pot.

Primus are one of the most original bands every and their live shows are absolutely next level. Go out and get their new album

"The Desaturating Seven"

Before Primus Larry was in a Bay Area Death Metal band called Possessed.I strongly suggest you check out their classic album

"Seven Churches"

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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is the very funny comedian Tim Dillon.

Tim is a NYC comedian that has only been doing Stand Up for under 8 years but has all kinds of great things happening with his career.

Rolling Stone Magazine recently listed Tim in their 10 comedians you should know article and he is also about to shoot his first Comedy Central 30min special.

Tune in and enjoy.

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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is The Magpie Salute.

Thats right Rich Robinson,Marc Ford,John Hogg and Sven Pipien stop by and talk all things Rock N Roll.

This is a very special episode to me since you guys all know how much i love The Black Crowes and i think you guys will absolutely love it.

Do not forget to check out their live record out right now on iTunes

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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is Wayne Jones Owner and Builder of HEADSTRONG AMPS which are known as some of the best Boutique Guitar Amps in the world.

Wayne stops by and gives us all the details on how he started building Handmade Guitar Amps. There is something very special about the right guitar amp and we dig way deep into stuff like Tone,Point to Point Wiring and the history of Boutique Amps.

Do not miss this amazing HANDMADE EPISODE

Check his website at

also this episode is brought to you by

and Carson Hess Guitars 


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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK my friend Mark Normand stops by and talks about his start in Stand Up Comedy.

Mark is a very funny NEW YORK Comedian with some very funny stories that you do not wanna miss on today's episode including the time he took Molly at the The Louvre in Paris.

Mark also talks about is journey from renting terrible apartments in NYC to now being a Home Owner in NYC.

Make sure you check out Mark live when he comes to your town and also all his amazing YOUTUBE clips.

You can also see Mark almost every night in NYC at The Stand and The Comedy Cellar.

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On today's Episode of LET THERE BE TALK I dive deep into the Tom Petty catalog and celebrate this mans amazing songwriting skills.

On Oct 2nd 2017 we lost the great Tom Petty and i still can not believe he is gone.

Most of you know Tom for all his amazing hit songs like Breakdown,American Girl,Mary Jane's Last Dance and Learning to Fly but what about those deep deep cuts that are also mind blowing? Songs like Shadow of the Doubt,Nightwatchman,Counting on You and so so many more.

This episode is my way of celebrating 1 of the greatest American songwriters of all time.

Long Live Tom Petty.

This episode was recorded live in Phoenix Oct 27th 2017 at the All Things Comedy Podcast Festival.

Thanks 2 all of you for your support and don't forget to leave a review and subscribe on iTunes.


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