Today I dive into 

AC/DC kicking off their tour a few nights ago in Germany,

Good Old Fashion Head Colds,

The great Eric Martin and

The genius of the Skinny Burrito.

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Today is new music Monday with my guest Robert Jon of the great band Robert Jon & the Wreck. This Orange County California band had been grinding it out since 2011.

They have a brand new record coming out June 28th 2024 called Red Moon Rising on Journeyman Records which is my man Joe Bonamassa's record label.

The record was produced by the legendary producer Kevin Shirley who is known for his work with The Black Crowes, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith , Journey and so many other great bands.

This interview was done a few days ago while Robert Jon was in Savanna Georgia working on yet another record that is being produced by the king Dave Cobb.

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Today on a brand new episode of Let There Be Talk my guest is Comedian, Writer & World Traveler Tom Rhodes.

Tom has been doing Stand Up Comedy for 40 years and was the first comedian to do a Comedy Central special back in the day.

Tom has done Stand Up all over the world including China, Amsterdam, Edinburgh and London.

Tom and I dive into Writing Jokes, Comedy in NYC, Music we love and our love of Fashion.

Catch Tom on the road all this summer.

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Today on a brand new Let There Be Talk / The Grail my guest will be Andrew Brodrick 
owner of Freenote Cloth. Andrew and his brother Matt make all the Freenote clothing right in Los Angeles with the finest materials made at the highest level of craftsmanship. 
Denim, Leather Jackets and incredible flannels are just a few things these guys do. 
I love supporting small business especially when they are kicking ass and family owned. 
Give them a follow and spread the word. 
Freenote has offered a 20% off code for 1 week call them of hit the website of go into the their stores. The code is Delray20. Code is only goof for 1 week.
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Big love for all you people. Thank you 
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Today I have 2 amazing guest Alexis Bloom & Svetlana Zill, directors of the documentary Catching Fire the Story of Anita Pallenberg.

I saw this documentary last week and I can't recommend it enough.

Anita was a fantastic Actress, Model and a massive Muse to members of the Rolling Stones.

Anita dated Brian Jones before finiding here way into Keith Richards life which quickly escalated in to a full on rock n roll outlaw adventure.

This women's story is absolutely incredible and very dark and the Doc pulls No Punches.

The Words come from an unpublished memoir Pallenberg wrote before her death in 2017, narration voiced by Scarlett Johansson. 

Sit back and enjoy this episode and don't forget to catch the film in Theaters next week and streaming platforms around May 10th.

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Today is new music Monday with Singer,Songwriter and Guitar player Evan Stanley of the Rock n Roll band Amber Wild.

Great conversation with Evan on all things Rock including - learning guitar, songwriting, grinding it out in the Los Angeles club scene and of course his father Paul Stanley.

Amber Wild have 2 amazing songs out right now on all the streaming platform’s so go check them out right away.

Support new Rock n Roll people and help spread the word.

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Well it's that time of the year again when I sit down with 2 of my very good friends comedian Kevin Christy and Los Angeles Watch Works genius Beau Goorey to talk all about the new watches that have been released at Watches and Wonders.

We have another great human sitting in with us this year Mr Ahmet Zappa and he has a very cool watch to share with us.

This episode was recorded at Ahmet's Rocktails studio and you can see full video on my YouTube Channel.

Other than Beau we are in no means experts on watches we are just some friends spreading our love of watches.

Have a great week my friends.

This episode is brought to you by get 10% of a brand new Y2 leather jacket for a very short time by using the code DDR10


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Today I dive into - 

Seeing Bruce Springsteen last night at the LA Forum,

Comedy Store turning 52 years old and 

Marcus King's new album Mood Swings.

Thank you for your continuous support over all these years.

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Today I dive into 

The loss of one of the greats Louis Gossett Jr.

The Anniversary of the amazing Talk Is Cheap record by Keith Richards,

The invention of The Walk Man and

Easter Candy Overdose .

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Today my good friend Neal Francis returns to the show to talk about

his new live album Francis Comes Alive which was recorded with an 11 piece band in 

his home town of Chicago.

Neal is also in the middle of recording a new studio album in Los Angeles right now that should be out soon.

This man is the real deal and his music is absolutely incredible so sit down and enjoy our talk.

Do not miss Neal at Bonnaroo this year where he will be doing the entire Francis Comes Alive record one more time with the 11 Piece band.

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Today I sit down for a new music Monday with a great new band out of St. Louis called Feel.

If you love The Black Crowes, Rival Sons and Bad Co you will love these guys.

Over the past 12 years I've turned you guys onto some incredible new bands that went on to

have some huge success and I think Feel will be next.

Do yourself a favor and dig in and then spread the word.

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Years ago I saw one of the best leather jackets ever and had to find out where to get one.

Turns out it was made by hand in NYC by non other than Jordan Betten at Lost Art Leathers.

We quickly became friends and I started my collection.

Everyone in the music world was wearing his jackets from Lenny Kravitz to Willie Nelson.

After 20 years Jordan walked away from leather and started building custom made Choppers in Miami at Rasta Choppers.

Hear His story right now on Let There Be Talk.

Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to subscribe to my Podcast on YouTube and iTunes.

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Today I dive into 

Barn Find Lamborghini’s ,

The loss of the great Richard Lewis,

Kings Of Leon's new record and

My awful Sunday at Ikea.

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Today I dive into,

The return of Slayer,

Lenny Kravitz killing it on the Peoples Choice Awards and 

doing Stand Up Comedy over the weekend in the Pacific North West.

Also I dig into the new Judas Priest song, The Serpent and The King.

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THIS WEEK: I dive into

Palm Springs Architecture and the Elvis Presley Honeymoon Hideaway, 

New Music by a band called Ghostwoman,

My first real job at Foster Freeze and

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Tour

#deandelray #neilyoung #palmsprings

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Today I dive into - 

AC/DC Tour Dates,

The Super Bowl 2024,

New Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Nominee’s

and my thoughts on some new Streaming Speakers.

Tour Dates for the next 2 months are at

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Today I sit down with my funny friend, comedian Shane Torres and 

talk all about his brand new 1 hour special The Blue Eyed Mexican available right now

for free on YouTube.

Shane and I also dive into all kinds of topics like our love of Comedy, Music, Norm Macdonald and what its like opening for a band as a comedian.

Catch Shane out on tour right now.

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Today my good friend Josh Homme returns to the show for the 3rd time

to catch up on life.

We dive into his love of Music, Stand Up Comedy and of course the Desert.

Josh also talks covering David Bowie at the Taylor Hawkins tribute and what it was

like playing San Quentin.

Catch QOTSA out on tour all 2024.

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Let There Be Talk.

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Today I sit down with the legend himself Mr Steve Vai

for an in-depth conversation on his entire career.

We dive into his time with Zappa, Roth, Alcatrazz, Whitesnake and of course his history with Ibanez.

It was an honor to have Steve on the show, I really enjoyed talking to him.

See Steve out on the G3 tour right now.

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Today I dive into, 

The genius of Rod Temperton and the band Heatwave, 

The Bon Scott Tribute wrap up and 

New music by The Black Crowes. 

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Today my friend Joe Bonamassa returns to the show for an in-depth 

conversation on Guitar Collecting, The State of the Music Biz, Comedy and 

Dumble Amps.

Joe is an incredible guitar player, singer, songwriter who has been recording and touring for over 35 years.

I really enjoyed this one and I know you will to.

Thanks for tuning in. 

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Direct download: Joe_Bonamassa_final.mp3
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Today I dive into

Scott Ian's incredible 60th Birthday Party,

My top Records of 2023 and

My year in Stand Up Comedy.

Thank you for tuning in every week.


Tour Dates 



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