Today on this brand new episode of Let There Be Talk my guest are Michael and Tanya Trotter of the group The War and Treaty.

This amazing couples story absolutely blew my mind and I know you guys will feel the same. Their new record Hearts Town came out last Friday and people are going crazy for it including me.

I first heard the song 5 More Minutes around 3 weeks ago and I knew I had to have them on the show asap.

Do yourself a favor and dig into their music.

Have a fantastic week and keep the candles lit.



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Today my guest is singer songwriter Sadler Vaden. You may know Sadler as the guitar player in Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit but he is also a solo artist with a brand new record out called ANYBODY OUT THERE?

This record has quickly become my favorite of the year hands down. Full of amazing songs like Don't Worry, Modern Times and Peace + Harmony. I knew right away I had to talk to him. 

We talk Song Writing, Nashville, The Record Biz and so much more.

Dig into his record and follow him on all the social platforms.

Keep The Candles Lit my friends and have a great week.



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Today my friend Corey Taylor Slipknot/Stone Sour singer songwriter returns to the show to talk all about his new solo record CMFT coming out Oct 2nd 2020.

Corey sits down and talks all about the writing and recording process of CMFT. 

Check out 3 of the songs right now on Youtube or your favorite streaming platform. HWY 666, Black Eyes Blue and CMFT MUST BE STOPPED.

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Today on Let There Be Talk #547 my guest is the great Troy Sanders of Mastodon.

Troy is absolutely one of the best in the biz and Mastodon is by far one of my favorites of the last 20 years.

They have so many incredible records including the crushing Emperor of Sand that came out in 2017. 

One of my favorite records by them is the EP that came out in 2017 called Cold Dark Place. The songs on that EP are so next level and I can't recommend it enough.

Today Troy sits down with me to talk about their new record Medium Rarities which is coming out this Friday Sept 11th 2020.

Sit down and enjoy the ride and keep the candles lit.

This episode is brought to you by CBD LION click the link and use the code DEAN for 20% off all of you orders.  

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Ok its that time of the year when Kevin Christy, Beau Goorey and I get together and talk about the new watches released.

Now this show is usually done in April when Basel World happens but 2 things happened in 2020 Covid cancelled Basel and Rolex announced they would no longer take part in Basel World.

So this why Rolex released there new watches Yesterday.

Lots to talk about on todays Bonus episode so enjoy.

Beau Goorey is a full on Watch Expert and a master at restoring old watches. Follow him on Instagram @losangeleswatchworks 

Kevin is a fantastic comedian and a brilliant Painter follow his work on Instagram @kevingchristy 

Keep The Candles Lit


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