A few years ago I interviewed Tom Rothrock for a very cool episode of Let There Be Talk. It was incredible to sit down with the man who produced some of my all time favorite records by BECK, Elliott Smith and Badly Drawn Boy.

Shortly after that episode was done we decided to do a Comedy Record together that never came out.

Today I sit down with him and we talk about what happened to that record.

We also talk about a brand new band that Tom is working with called Hollywood Hex which he was kind enough to give me 2 songs to share with you guys at the end of this episode.

I think you guys will really dig this episode.

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Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is Photographer Ronnie Lyon.

Ronnie and I met years ago at the Bonzo Bash and have been working together ever since.

Ronnie shoots tons of Rock n Roll but he also shoots Surf, Auto Racing and Life.

This mans story is very inspiring. Years ago he worked in a refinery making gasoline for a living but a change of events found him out of a job.

Ronnie decided to go for it and start a whole new life shooting Photos with no guarantee that he would make any money.

Years later now he is a full time photographer and a very happy man.

Like I always say get out there and go for it.

Hope you guys enjoy Ronnie's episode and remember

Keep The Candles Lit


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Today on Let There Be Talk the very funny comedian Taylor Tomlinson stops by and Talks all things comedy.

Taylor started Stand Up at 16 years old and now at 25 years old she is taking over the comedy world.

Taylor has been seen on Last Comic Standing, Netflix, Conan, Comedy Central series Adam Devine's House Party and now she has a brand new show on Fox called What Just Happened??! with Fred Savage.

This is a very cool Comedy Episode that I think you guys are gonna dig.

Keep The Candles Lit.


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Today on Let There Be Talk I sit down with my friend, Comedian Chingo Bling and talk all about how he made the transition from Comedic Rapper to full on Stand Up Comedian.

Chingo is from Houston Texas where he started his Stand Up career 5 years ago but before that he was a full on Rapper with a record deal.

This was a great Comedy talk. We cover all kinds of topics like what its like opening for bands as a comedian, Early Hell gigs and taking acting classes to open up the right side of your brain.

Hope you guys dig the episode and thanks for tuning in.

Candles Lit.



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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK the very funny comedian

Rachel Feinstein stops by and tells all kinds of great stories including moving to New York with the band Dick Sister,moving in with someone she met on a Greyhound Bus and also how she started doing Stand Up Comedy.

Rachel was just on the Comedy Central Historical Roast with Jeff Ross. She also has 2 Comedy Specials out and a hit podcast called 3 girls 1 Keith with Amy Schumer,Bridget Everett and Keith Robinson.

This is a very funny episode so do not sleep. Tune in now and also spread the word Delraisers.

Happy 4th of July.



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