Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is legendary Rock n Roll Photographer Neil Zlozower.

Neil has been shooting Rock n Roll for over 49 years and has some of the best photos I've ever seen.

Neils photos of Van Halen from 78 thru 84 will blow your mind and I am willing to bet you will recognize a lot of his work including the Guns N' Roses and Motley Crue sessions.

There is a brand new Documentary out on Neil called IN YOUR FACE available now on iTunes and Amazon.

Check out his website before you start this episode just so you can get an idea of his work. 

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Today on another episode of Let There Be Talk my guest is comedian Dane Cook.

Dane stops by for an honest talk about his comedy career.

Dane has been doing Stand Up Comedy for 29 years and is currently on a his "TELL IT LIKE IT IS"  US Tour right now.

Do Not Miss This Episode.

Go to to get Tour Dates and Tickets.


My up coming road dates are April 29th thru May5th Las Vegas Comedy Cellar at the Rio Hotel.

June 7th thru 9th La Jolla Comedy Store.

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Today on Let There Be Talk my friend comedian Ramy Youssef stops by and talks all about his brand new HULU Series out April 19th called Ramy.

I watched this show and I gotta tell you it's fantastic.The tone is very original and I can't recommend it enough.

Tune in and hear Ramy talk about his upbringing, how he started stand up comedy and how the show Ramy got made.

Thanks for tuning in my friends.



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Today on Let There Be Talk I sit down with an incredible band out of Rochester NY called King Buffalo.

Sean Mcvay, Dan Reynolds and Scott Donaldson stop by and talk all about their brand new record LONGING TO BE THE MOUNTAIN.

This band may be new to me in the last 6 months but they have been together since 2013 constantly touring and recording, grinding it out the old school way.

Do yourself a favor and check out all their music on iTunes and visit their website 

I hope you guys enjoy this bonus episode that was recorded live at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles California

Have a great weekend. 


KING BUFFALO – Rochester, NY.
Psychedelic / Heavy Blues / Stoner Rock.
Formed in September of 2013.


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Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is one of the greatest rock n roll drummers ever Mr Tommy Aldridge.

Tommy sat down with me and we discussed his entire career in rock n roll including his days in Black Oak Arkansas, Pat Travers Band, Ozzy and Whitesnake.

It was an honor to talk to this man. His stories are absolutely incredible. A true Legend and I can't thank him enough for doing the show.

Don't forget to check out all the LET THERE BE TALK bonus episodes on Patreon. 


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Today I celebrate some new music with my incredible guest Nick Perri.

Nick Perri has a smoking new band called The Underground Thieves that I found out about 6 months ago and from that day on I've been listening to them non stop.

Nick is not new to the music world. In early 2003/4 He signed a massive record deal with his band Silvertide and went on to sell over 400,000 records. 

After that band fell apart Nick did a little time with the group Shinedown before landing the guitar position with Perry Farrell's Satellite Party. 

In the past year Nick has been busting his ass writing and recording and touring with his new group The Underground Thieves. This past week they released a new single that is absolutely fantastic called White Noise.

See this band live and help spread the word.

Candles Lit.

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