On today's Let There Be Talk the guitar god Alex Skolnick stops by and tell some amazing stories about his career.

Of course you know Alex from his work with the Thrash Metal Gods Testament but did you know that he once played guitar in Ozzy's Band for a week or that he Auditioned for the Spin Doctors? 

Hear all these great stories on todays Brand New LTBT.

Also get his brand new record Conundrum on iTunes right now.

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Today On Let There Be Talk my guest is the incredible Singer Songwriter of The Temperance Movement Mr Phil Campbell.

If you have not heard this band do yourself a favor and dive down the rabbit hole right away. This band has 3 smoking records out and was just on tour with Judas Priest and Deep Purple.

Phil is the real deal and it was a honor to have him on the show.

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Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is the drum god Mr. Jorma Vik from the incredible band Eagles of Death Metal.

Jorma stops by and talks about how he joined the Eagles of Death Metal. We also we cover his early days of playing drums with The Bronx,Motorcycles and his love of Camping.

Do not miss this great episode.

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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK we have Rock n Roll Hall of Famer and Keyboard legend Mr David Bryan of Bon Jovi.

David is a huge part of the Bon Jovi sound responsible for some of the great Keyboard hooks on songs like Runaway,Wanted Dead Or Alive,Bad Medicine and Wild In The Streets.

David joins me today to talk about what its been like to play in Bon Jovi for most of his life.

Bon Jovi still tours Arenas all around the world and are about to start a tour of Japan this month. 

This is a fantastic Episode so do not miss it.


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