On today's Episode of LET THERE BE TALK I dive deep into the Tom Petty catalog and celebrate this mans amazing songwriting skills.

On Oct 2nd 2017 we lost the great Tom Petty and i still can not believe he is gone.

Most of you know Tom for all his amazing hit songs like Breakdown,American Girl,Mary Jane's Last Dance and Learning to Fly but what about those deep deep cuts that are also mind blowing? Songs like Shadow of the Doubt,Nightwatchman,Counting on You and so so many more.

This episode is my way of celebrating 1 of the greatest American songwriters of all time.

Long Live Tom Petty.

This episode was recorded live in Phoenix Oct 27th 2017 at the All Things Comedy Podcast Festival.

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On Today's Episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is my good friend Comedian Aaron Berg.

Aaron has a brand new Record out called Mr. Manners "Proper Etiquette For The Modern Degenerate" Live From Long Island City.

Do not sleep get this and all his record on iTunes.

Aaron holds the record for most Stand Up spots done in a night with 25 and we talk all about that and the documentary film they shot while he was doing this incredible accomplishment.

Aaron is a great human and his stories are amazing so sit back and enjoy episode #387.

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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is Mr Neal Preston who happens to be my all time favorite Rock Photographer.

Neal was the Tour Photographer for Led Zeppelin from 1975-1979.

Neal was also the tour Photographer for Queen,Bruce Springsteen,Fleetwood Mac,Heart and so many more.

His photos have always blown my mind and it was a honor to have him on the show.

Go 2 his website asap and see his art it will blow your mind. 

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Candles Lit.

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Today on LET THERE BE TALK i sit down with the great Caroline Heerwagen Singer/Songwriter for the brand new band BONE ACRE.

I saw Bone Acre about a month ago and they were incredible and it was only their 2nd gig ever.

I love turning you guys on to new music so sit down and get into this band asap.

Follow them on Facebook at

Also at the end of this episode check out their song "Its Ok" 

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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK 1 of the greatest Rock n Roll Photographers of all time Mr Mark Weiss stops by and tells some incredible stories about his days shooting Rock n Roll in the 70's and 80's

Mark has shot every great rock star you can name including LED ZEPPELIN,BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN,GUNS N ROSES,VAN HALEN,MOTLEY CRUE,ERIC CLAPTON,NEIL YOUNG,AC/DC and so so much more.

Mark still shoots live rock n roll to this day and has a incredible website were you can see all his work.

check out 

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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK comedian Phil Hanley stops by and talks about how he got his start doing Stand Up Comedy,His love for the Grateful Dead and Rolex Watches.

Phil and i get way into some Music and Stand Up Talk so do not miss this episode.

Phil lives in NYC and goes on regularly at the Comedy Cellar so if you are in the City go see him.

Follow him on social media at @philmhanley

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On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK one of the most respected Drummers of all time Kenny Aronoff stops by and talks about his life in Rock N Roll.

If you Don't know Kenny you most definitely have heard his work.

Kenny has played drums on more than 330 million records sold with some of the biggest names in the Music World including John Fogerty,Mick Jagger,The Rolling Stones,John Mellencamp,Stevie Nicks,The Smashing Pumpkins and so many more.

Do not miss this episode for an incredible behind the scenes talk on what it's like to be a HIRED GUN in the world of Rock N Roll.

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