Today I dive into

The greatness of Queensrÿche,

Elon firing satellite's into the atmosphere and 

how The Kardashians owe everything to The Jersey Shore Reality Show.

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I gotta tell you I feel like a fool for not checking out Chicano Batman years ago but like I say on this interview better late than never.

This band is absolutely incredible and their new record Notebook Fantasy is an absolute Soul Rock masterpiece.

I really enjoyed my conversation with Carlos and I think you guys will to.

We dive into the beginnings of Chicano Batman, His guitar and amp of choice and recoding at the world famous Sunset Sound.

Catch them on tour in the next few weeks all around the Pacific Northwest ending in their home town of Los Angels at The Forum.


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Today I dive into

Bill Burr and I riding Ducati's through the Rockies,

The Shining film and the Stanley Hotel and

Performing Stand Up Comedy at The Greek Theatre in Berkeley Calif.

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Today I dive into the -

Bon Jovi Documentary on Hulu,

 The Black Keys Arena tour, and

Vanilla Ice winning in the Real Estate Game.

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