A few weeks ago I decided to do a Mr Bungle series in celebration of their new album "The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo" coming out this Friday.

Part 1 is with Scott Ian who is now a member of Mr Bungle and like me he is also a huge Fan. For the next 3 days you will hear from Scott Ian, Trevor Dunn and Trey Spruance talking all things Bungle.

I saw the new line up of Mr Bungle which includes the killer Dave Lombardo on drums right before the lock down and it was absolutely next level. Mike Patton has always blown my mind in any project he is a part of especially Mr Bungle.

Do yourself a favor and dive deep into their back catalog and also watch their Pay Per View this Halloween night. 

All info on Mr Bungle's can be found on their website  

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