EP150:Jeff Decker/Sculptor,Historian,Biker,Friend

On this Episode i have Jeff Decker who is known for his bronze sculptures, the most notable of which is titled "By the Horns" (also known as The Hill Climber), a 16-foot-tall, 5,000-pound bronze located on the grounds of the Harley Davidson Museum. His bronze-cast sculptures depicting the synergy of man and modern machines, particularly historic motorcycles, is known in both the motorcycling community and the world of fine art. As of 2009, Decker was Harley-Davidson's official sculptor.

i posted this description that was in WIKIPEDIA but 2 me Jeff Decker is by far the coolest American i know.

The ultimate Artist ,Biker, Vintage Clothing collector and all around great friend.

I can’t tell you how happy i am 2 have this man on episode 150 of Let There Be Talk

Enjoy the ride people.

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