Today I dive into 

Barn Find Lamborghini’s ,

The loss of the great Richard Lewis,

Kings Of Leon's new record and

My awful Sunday at Ikea.

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Direct download: FINAL_MIX_739_.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 11:03am PST

Today I dive into,

The return of Slayer,

Lenny Kravitz killing it on the Peoples Choice Awards and 

doing Stand Up Comedy over the weekend in the Pacific North West.

Also I dig into the new Judas Priest song, The Serpent and The King.

Tour Dates at 


Direct download: 738_final_mix.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 8:00am PST

Subscribe and like for more PODCAST AND COMEDY VIDEOS! Tour dates at

THIS WEEK: I dive into

Palm Springs Architecture and the Elvis Presley Honeymoon Hideaway, 

New Music by a band called Ghostwoman,

My first real job at Foster Freeze and

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Tour

#deandelray #neilyoung #palmsprings

Direct download: 373_final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 1:52pm PST

Today I dive into - 

AC/DC Tour Dates,

The Super Bowl 2024,

New Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Nominee’s

and my thoughts on some new Streaming Speakers.

Tour Dates for the next 2 months are at

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Direct download: 736_FINAL_.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 3:08pm PST

Today I sit down with my funny friend, comedian Shane Torres and 

talk all about his brand new 1 hour special The Blue Eyed Mexican available right now

for free on YouTube.

Shane and I also dive into all kinds of topics like our love of Comedy, Music, Norm Macdonald and what its like opening for a band as a comedian.

Catch Shane out on tour right now.

My tour dates coming up can be found at 

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Direct download: Shane_Torres_final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 6:09pm PST

Today my good friend Josh Homme returns to the show for the 3rd time

to catch up on life.

We dive into his love of Music, Stand Up Comedy and of course the Desert.

Josh also talks covering David Bowie at the Taylor Hawkins tribute and what it was

like playing San Quentin.

Catch QOTSA out on tour all 2024.

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Let There Be Talk.

My Tour Dates at 

Direct download: Josh_Homme_Final_mix_3rd_visit.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 3:08pm PST

Today I sit down with the legend himself Mr Steve Vai

for an in-depth conversation on his entire career.

We dive into his time with Zappa, Roth, Alcatrazz, Whitesnake and of course his history with Ibanez.

It was an honor to have Steve on the show, I really enjoyed talking to him.

See Steve out on the G3 tour right now.

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Direct download: steve_vai_final_.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 12:13pm PST

Today I dive into, 

The genius of Rod Temperton and the band Heatwave, 

The Bon Scott Tribute wrap up and 

New music by The Black Crowes. 

All tour dates can be found at  

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Direct download: 732_final_mix_2.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 6:53pm PST

Today my friend Joe Bonamassa returns to the show for an in-depth 

conversation on Guitar Collecting, The State of the Music Biz, Comedy and 

Dumble Amps.

Joe is an incredible guitar player, singer, songwriter who has been recording and touring for over 35 years.

I really enjoyed this one and I know you will to.

Thanks for tuning in. 

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Direct download: Joe_Bonamassa_final.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:27pm PST

Today I dive into

Scott Ian's incredible 60th Birthday Party,

My top Records of 2023 and

My year in Stand Up Comedy.

Thank you for tuning in every week.


Tour Dates 



Direct download: 730_final_solo.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 2:28pm PST

Today I dive into

70's Christmas Toys,

Seeing Movies on Christmas Day and

Billy Gibbons rocking the Troubadour.

Thank you for all you support over the years.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Keep Rocking.


Direct download: 729_final_mix.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:29pm PST

Today I do a full deep dive into Custom Guitars with Luthier Greg DeLuis.

Greg makes some of the most incredible hand made guitars in the tradition of master luthier Doug Irwin.

If you have seen Jerry Garcia's guitars like Tiger, Wolf or Rosebud you know that these are not some off the shelf store bought guitars.

The amount of detail and work put into building those guitars is almost a forgotten craft.

Greg continues the tradition even hand cutting all the inlay himself.

Hear this mans amazing journey on this episode of Let There Be Talk / The Grail.


Check out all of Gregs Guitars on his instagram @deluisguitars 


My tour dates are up 

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Direct download: Delouis_guitars_fianl.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 12:54pm PST

Today I dive deep into

The history of the Bon Scott Tribute,

My love of the Rose Bowl Flee Market and

the loss of the great Norman Lear.

Thanks for tuning in.

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Direct download: Solo_final_727.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:13pm PST

Today I sit down with the legend himself Mr Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule and The Allman Brothers.

Warren and I dive deep into his career including his 30th anniversary of The Christmas Jam, The Dead, The Allman Brothers and Gov't Mule. I

've been listening and seeing Warren for many many years so it was an honor to have this man on the show.

Please Subscribe to my channel and spread the word.



Tour Dates including San Francisco 1 night Dec 17th at The Chapel and Dec 20th

Irvine Improv 

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Direct download: Warren_Haynes_final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 2:44pm PST

Today I sit down with Mike Kerr of Royal Blood and talk about their fantastic new album Back To The Water Below.

Mike and I also dive into how Royal Blood got their start, The Songwriting process and of course our love of Jimmy Page.

Make sure you catch Royal Blood out on tour and check out their new album out right now.

If you missed my other episode with drummer Ben Thatcher of Royal Blood go back and check that out also.

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Direct download: Mike_Kerr_Royal_Blood_Final_Mix.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 10:31pm PST

Today I sit down with Roger Earl drummer and founding member of Foghat.

Roger and I dive into his long incredible career including, His early days in Savoy Brown,

Recording the infamous Foghat Live album and Foghat's new record Sonic Mojo.


Foghat has sold Millions of records loaded with hit songs that you still hear on the radio


Fool For The City, Slow Ride, I Just Wanna Make Love To You and Stone Blue to name a few.

Sit back and hear this mans incredible story on today's episode of Let There Be Talk.


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Direct download: Roger_Earl_Foghat_Final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 8:25pm PST

Today I dive into

Doing Stand Up Comedy in Madison Square Garden with Bill Burr, 

Seeing the Jaws play The Shark Is Broken and

Fully Bombing at The Comedy Cellar Brunch Show.

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Tour Dates coming up

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Direct download: 723_final_solo.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 10:52am PST

Today I sit down with the great Duane Betts son of the legendary Dickey Betts.

Duane has a fantastic new record out called Wild & Precious Life and he is currently out on 

tour around America which includes a stop in Los Angeles Nov 18th 2023.


When Duane is not touring with his solo band you can find him in his other band The Allman Betts Band or maybe sitting in with Phil Lesh somewhere out on the road.

Duane and I dive into all kinds of topics including his early bands like Whitestarr, spending time in Malibu, and Guitar and Amp choices.

Get his new record asap and see this man out on tour.

Thanks for tuning in and please leave a review on iTunes and Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

See you out on the road this week. 

Tour dates at 

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Direct download: Duane_Betts_final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 8:54am PST

Today I dive into 

Doing Stand Up Comedy for Linda Blair's charity show,

My love of the greatest scary movie of all time The Exorcist, 

Seeing Nick Cave live over the weekend and

Trick or Treat Memories.

Have a fantastic week and I hope to see you guys out on the road.

Tour Dates 

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Direct download: 721_FINAL_Mix.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 10:53pm PST

Today I sit down with my guest Kenny Wayne Shepherd and talk about his long amazing career in the Blues Rock world.

Kenny and I dive deep into our love of Cars, Guitars and Dumble amps.

Kenny has a brand new record coming out Nov 17th called Dirt On My Diamonds Vol 1 and also has a full tour booked for 2024 so get out there and catch this man live in concert.

Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to subscribe to the podcast here on YouTube or iTunes.

All my tour dates can be found at

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Direct download: Kenny_Wayne_Shepherd_final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 8:26pm PST

Today I sit down with my friend Cesar Gueikian, President and CEO of Gibson Guitars for a deep deep dive down the guitar Rabbit Hole.

Cesar and I get into all things Gibson including the Murphy Lab, Angus Young and Jimmy Page and the infamous Greeny 1959 Les Paul.

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Have a great week


Direct download: Cesar_Final_Mix.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 12:41pm PST

Today I dive into my weekend at the PowerTrip Festival in Indio California.

My thoughts on Festivals, AC/DC's comeback, Concert complainers and the mighty Metallica.

Hope you have a great week.

All my tour dates including COLORADO SPRINGS Oct 20/21 can be found at 

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Direct download: 718_powertrip._final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 6:31pm PST

Today I have a fantastic guest Mr Justin Chancellor of TOOL and MTVoid.

Justin joined TOOL back in 1995 and has been killing it ever since.

It was an honor to sit down and dive deep into his career including

his early days playing music, his audition for TOOL, Farm Living and AC/DC.

Justin has a brand new record coming out Nov 10th with his MTVoid project.

MTVoid is a musical project by Justin Chancellor and Peter Mohamed. The two first met at a festival in Germany in 2002. Justin was touring with Tool, and Peter was a member of the Polish band “Sweet Noise“.

I really hope you guys dig this episode and please don’t forget 

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Direct download: justine_tool_final.mp3
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Today I dive into Bob Dylan playing at Farm Aid with The Heartbreakers ,

Neil Young and John Mayer concerts in LA,

Usher being selected for the Super Bowl Halftime

and a bonus guest Brandon Henderson C.E.O. of BOXCAR Comedy Club in Springville Utah


Thanks for watching and please don’t forget to subscribe. All my tour dates at Patreon bonus episodes at

Direct download: 716_final_mix.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 1:58pm PST

Today I dive into

Meeting Baseball Hall Of Famer Randy Johnson,

U2 dropping a new song Atomic City,

Black Crowes pick up 2 new members and

my love of Miles Davis music.

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Have a great week


Direct download: 715_solo_final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 2:12pm PST

Today I dive into - 

AC/DC announced a new Drummer for PowerTrip, 

Beastie Boys get Squared and

My favorite late 80's and 90's Rolling Stones Songs

Thanks for tuning in my friends


Tour Dates and Merch

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Direct download: Final_714_solo.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 4:18pm PST

8 years in the making my guest Director, Peter Dowd follows a man around that is absolutely obsessed with Jimmy Page.

The first time Akio Sakurai hears Led Zeppelin as a teenager, and then laid eyes on the band in The Song Remains the Same, the group's 1976 concert documentary, Sakurai has had one mission in life: to demonstrate his adoration of Zeppelin founder Jimmy Page. He is completely candid about this: "I want to be Jimmy Page," he remembers thinking.

The film is an amazing Document of what it's like to dive way down a rabbit hole. Passion is in full effect here.

Peter has made a fantastic film and if you are a Led Zeppelin freak like myself you are really going to enjoy this.

Thanks for tuning in on this 3 day weekend and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and on iTunes.

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Direct download: Mr_Jimmy_Final.mp3
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Today I dive into The Roxy nightclub turning 50, 

My love of Eddie Money and 

The 32 Million Dollar Rolls-Royce that just came out. 

All tour dates on my website  


Direct download: 712_Let_There_Be_Talk_final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 10:20pm PST

Today I dive into Robert Plant's solo career,

The Comedy Store's Brody Stevens 818 celebration show,

and selling my Rock n Roll Memorabilia.

Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to leave a review and subscribe 

to the podcast on YouTube and iTunes.

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Tour Dates 

Direct download: 711_FINAL_MIX.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 8:58pm PST

Today I dive into

Hip Hop turning 50 years old,

A killer AI Bon Scott version of You Shook Me All Night Long,

and the craziness of 80's Rock Fashion.

Thanks for Tuning in and Please leave a review on iTunes.

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Direct download: 710_final_mix.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 10:35pm PST

Today is another solo episode.

I dive into, Bombing at The Store

Grolsch Beer and old school Cigarettes,

The new Toyota Land Cruiser

The greatness of Tatum Oneal and Akira Takasaki, Guitar Player of Loudness.

Direct download: 709_SOLO_FINAL.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 9:56am PST

Today I sit down with Jiu Jitsu black belt Eddie Bravo and dive deep into Rock n Roll, Heavy Metal, UFC and Stand Up Comedy.

Eddie is the current owner of the great 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu gym located at 1314 S.Grand Ave in Los Angeles.

Do yourself a favor and tune into this episode and hear us talk about our love of Kiss and Metallica, Old School UFC and how he got into Stand Up Comedy.

This episodes ending got cut off due to a equipment malfunction.

Thanks for tuning in.

This episode is brought to you by Migos Dog Food.

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Direct download: eddie_bravo_final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 6:28pm PST

Today I dive into the 36th anniversary of the Guns N' Roses masterpiece Appetite for Destruction,

The Midnight Special TV show and

Taking Mushrooms in Vegas.

Hope you guys have a great week.

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Direct download: 707_final_mix.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 4:57pm PST

Today is another solo episode. 

I dive into the fantastic documentary called Mr Jimmy

Dead & Company's last show 

and the story of the hit song Who Let The Dogs Out.

Brought to you by Tatt2away. Use the link for a great deal on you 

first tattoo removal. 

All shows and Merch at 

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Direct download: 706_solo_final_.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 5:42am PST

Today I sit down with Jack Savage and Cooper Ferreira of Tatt2Away.

So many people have Tattoos that may of been a mistake. Or maybe you have run out of prime real estate and just want a tattoo removed so you can get another.

Jack Savage has created a new way to have them removed and no it’s not with a laser.

This episode is absolutely fascinating and I think you guys will really enjoy it.

Candles Lit my Friends.

Hit the link to find out more about Tatt2Away

Direct download: Tatt2away_final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 9:03am PST

Today I dive into my recent trip to Disneyland, 

Firework Wars in Riverside 

and Modelo Beer. 

Have a great 4th of July and don't blow your fingers off. 

Candles Lit my friends. 


Episode is brought to you by Eargo Hearing Aids Get $360 of by using the code dean360. 

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Direct download: 407_SOLO_FINAL.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 4:39pm PST

Today I sit down with M.Shadows and Johnny Christ of Avenged Sevenfold to talk all about their new record "Life Is But A Dream" 

We also dive into what it was like to tour with Iron Maiden, Their Song Writing process and M.Shadows vocal process.  

I was fired up to have these guys on because I really think their new album is something very unique so I hope you dig our conversation.  

Keep rocking  


This episode is brought to you by Eargo Hearing Aids. 

GO to for an amazing deal of $360 off use the code dean360



Direct download: 7_fold_final_mix.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 2:06pm PST

Today I dive into,

Wes Anderson's new film Asteroid City,

My first time getting a Calcium Heart Scan, and

new records by Queens Of The Stone Age, King Gizzard and Nick Perry and The Underground Thieves.

Show is brought to you Ergo Hearing Aids.

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Direct download: let_there_be_talk_702_final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 10:51pm PST

Today I dive into

The new Avenged Sevenfold record Life Is But A Dream,

Going back to the Bay Area to Headline some Stand Up shows

and my love of Social Distortion.

This episode is brought to you by Eargo. The best hearing Aids on the market.

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Direct download: 701_FINAL.mp3
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Today I go solo and dive into

Taking a tour of The Brady Bunch House,

People being scammed on the Phone from AI

and the great Josh Freese joining the Foo Fighters.

Have a great week.

Episode is brought to you by Eargo Hearing Aids

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Direct download: Solo_700_Final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 9:07pm PST

Today is the 40th anniversary of the US Festival and what better guest to

have on the show than Mike Levine of Triumph who played on this very day 40 years ago along with Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Ozzy, Judas Priest, Scorpions and Van Halen. I was there and I will tell you this I will never forget it.

I consider the US Festival the greatest Rock Fest every besides Woodstock.

Triumph has just released this concert on Vinyl and I can’t recommend it enough.

The US Festival is criminally underrated and I feel it should get way more glory.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

Lots of new tour dates are up on my website 

And tons of Bonus Episodes of Let There Be Talk can be heard on my Patreon 

Have a great week


Direct download: Mike_Levine_Let_There_Be_TALKTriumph_final_k.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 2:15pm PST

Today I sit down with a full on Rock n Roller, Mr Josh Todd of Buckcherry.


 Buckcherry have been tearing it up for over 20 years and coming June 2nd they will be dropping their 10th record called Vol. 10.


 It was great to sit down and talk with Josh about his career. We dive into everything including the very beginnings of the band, Hit Songs, His love of Hip Hop and Punk Rock and Touring life.


 Don't miss Buckcherry out on tour all summer on a Co-Headlining tour with Skid Row.


 Make sure you leave a Review and Subscribe to Let There Be Talk on iTunes and YouTube.


 Bonus episodes are available on my Patreon at 


 Tour Dates at 

Direct download: Josh_Todd_Fianl_mix_2.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 9:15pm PST

Today I sit down with Christian Gormsen from "Eargo, the brand making hearing wellness virtually invisible for all" For a dive deep into the history of Hearing Aids.

This may seem like a strange guest to have but I will tell you this right now we all will experience hearing loss in our lifetime. I know mine is really bad.

If you listen to this podcast chances are you're a huge music fan and go to a lot of live concerts. Over the years I could tell my hearing was going. Yes I use earplugs but life is just loud. Headphones, Earbuds, Motorcycles even Movie theaters are crazy Loud.

I really wanted to hear the history of Hearing Aids and Christian was the perfect guest to talk to.

I hope you guys enjoy this episode.

Check out there product if you want at 

Have a great week.

Tour dates are here 

Patreon is here 


Direct download: Eargo_Final_mIX.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 9:11pm PST

Today I sit down with the great Jason Newsted and talk all things Metal. We dive deep into his career covering everything from his early days in Metallica to igniting the Newsted band again.  

I absolutely love all of Jason's work so it was an honor to have him on the podcast.  

We dive into the Justice record, Touring the Black Album, Playing in Russia, Bass Guitars and Amps and of course the NEWSTED band firing back up for a live show.  

Catch Newsted live May 20th at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale Florida.   

Don't FORGET to subscribe to my podcast on YouTube. 

Also leave a review on iTunes.

Tour dates 


Keep rocking' 


Direct download: Jason_Newsted_final_mix.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 11:51am PST

Today is another new music Monday with my guest Matt Burr of The Black Delta Movement.

This band has dropped a masterpiece of a record called Recovery Effects that I can't recommend enough.

It was so good to have Matt on the show to talk about this record and also how the band started.

The Black Delta Movement also have another record out called Preservation which I also highly recommend.

Do a deep dive into their music and help spread the word.

Keep The Candles Lit and thanks for supporting the show for all of these years.

Here is the Patreon link if you want to enjoy bonus episodes of Let There Be Talk.

Leave a review and subscribe to my YouTube and Apple Podcast iTunes channels.

Thank you


Kingston-upon-Hull’s The Black Delta Movement return with their stunning new album ‘Recovery Effects’ – 8 tracks of immersive, groove-heavy psychedelic rock released April 14th 2023 on Fuzz Club Records. Determination and a commitment to musical development are writ large across Matt Burr’s personal and artistic journey as the main creative force behind The Black Delta Movement. His most collaborative work yet, ‘Recovery Effects’ sees Matt recruiting highly lauded UK guitar-slinger and Little Barrie frontman Barrie Cadogan and bandmates Lewis Wharton (Bass) and Tony Coote (Drums) to provide musical backing on the album. With legendary producer, The Heliocentrics’ co-founder and drummer extraordinaire Malcolm Catto also helming production duties. “The album’s a love letter to the band and all the emotions that come with it,” explains Matt when talking about the period of adversity that led to its creation. Finding himself without his former bandmates following the release of their highly-praised 2018 debut ‘Preservation’ and that record’s subsequent live shows, the pandemic-induced lockdown periods throughout ’20 and ’21 initially gave time for reflection before proving to be a time of productivity. Giving Matt the breathing space to fine-tune the new songs alongside Cadogan before hitting the ground running when entering the studio in late 2021 – the band cutting the basic tracks live and Malcolm Catto providing invaluable input when it came to moulding the music you hear contained throughout The results of this creative melting pot of such talented and seasoned musicians see The Black Delta Movement delivering that ring thing: a layered, honest and deeply entertaining rock’n’roll record. There are a myriad of moods and textures, whether on the garage-blues grooves of opener and first single ‘Fourth Pass Over The Graveyard’, follow-up single ‘Zip-Tie’ which explodes from its moody intro into punk-rock motorik, or the psychedelic slow-burn of ‘Hiding In The Tall Grass’ which manages to channel the likes of The Doors and Spacemen 3 over its 9 hypnotic minutes.

Direct download: Black_Delta_final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 11:07pm PST

Last week I hosted a benefit concert for the great Jimmy Hayward put on by Primus.

If you don't know who Jimmy is he is an absolute genius in the Animation world.

Jimmy has worked on Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc. Finding Nemo, Shrek 2 and so much more.

He is also a full on Rock n Roller with his band Legend Of The Seagullman with Brent Hinds of Mastodon and Danny Carey of Tool.

Jimmy has been hit with a very rare form of Skin Cancer and needs our help.

Hit the GoFundMe link and then Listen to this episode. 

Jimmy is a Beautiful Human so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great weekend.


Direct download: Jimmy_Hayward_final_mix.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 9:40am PST

Today I dive into

Doing Comedy in Bars

The new Metallica Record

Timing is Everything

and watching Beef on Netflix

Direct download: 693_final_mix.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 1:29pm PST

Today I sit down with Mario Quintero of the fantastic band Spotlights.

Mario and I talk about Spotlights new record Alchemy for The Dead which is coming out April 28th 2023.

We also dive into how they got signed to Mike Patton's label Ipecac, the bands early influences and the their upcoming tour with Mr Bungle and The Melvins.

Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to subscribe to the podcast.

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Candles Lit


Direct download: Spotlights_final.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:20am PST

Today I dive into Bands Fighting over Money,

Things to do in Las Vegas other than getting drunk

and the new Porsche 911 Turbo cars.

Thanks for joining me on these solo episodes I really love doing them.

See me in Texas this weekend.

All tour dates on

Direct download: 691_final_solo.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:51am PST

Today I go solo and dive into the Power Trip Festival with AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, Metallica, Ozzy and Tool. 

Also I talk about finally seeing the Clive Davis documentary and how I ended up recording some music in Joshua Tree at the world famous Rancho de la Luna Studio. 

Hope you have a great week and if you are in Las Vegas this week come see me at the Comedy Cellar April 3rd - 9th 2023  

This episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh 

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Direct download: Solo_690_FINAL_MIX.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 12:09am PST

It's that time of the year again when Kevin Christy and I sit down and dive into

all the new releases for 2023 at Watches and Wonders.

It's Rolex, Tudor, AP, Patek, Grand Seiko and a little bit of Omega.

Kevin and I absolutely love watches and I know a lot of you do too.

I hope you dig our deep dive on today's Let There Be Talk.

This episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh

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Also visit my website for all the tour dates


My next live road stand up shows are April 3rd - 9th Las Vegas Comedy Cellar 

Candles Lit


Direct download: Kevin_689_final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 1:58pm PST

Today I go solo and dive into 

MotoGP Racing, 

Rick Allen being attacked, 

Mushroom Dealers back in the day 

and John Mayer's new Solo Tour.


Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Also catch me in Las Vegas April 3rd - 9th at The Comedy Cellar in the Rio Hotel.

Candles Lit


Direct download: Final_Mix_688_solo.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 9:53pm PST

Today I sit down and dive into 

The passing of the great Gary Rossington of Lynyrd Skynyrd 

The Oscar Awards and 

My weekend headlining in Fort Collins Colorado.

Thanks for tuning in each week.

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Direct download: SOLO_687_FINAL.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 4:25pm PST

Today my friend Deen Castronovo current drummer for Journey is my guest.

Deen has had a long career in Rock n Roll playing drums with some of the all time greats including Ozzy, Journey, Wild Dogs, Social Distortion, Bad English and so much more.

Deen is currently out on tour with Journey on their 50th Anniversary Arena Tour so do not ,miss that.

Deen also has a new record coming out with his band Revolution Saints which you can buy 4/21/23 and you can hear their new single Talking Like Strangers out right now.

Thanks for tuning in and please subscribe to my YouTube channel and iTunes podcast network Cactus Radio Network.

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Today we have the return of my friend Gregg Rolie former Singer Songwriter and Keyboard player for Journey and Santana.

Gregg stops by today to talk all about what it was like to reunite with Journey last week in Austin Texas on their 50th anniversary tour.

There was a lot of talk over the last 3 months about who from the original line up might show up on the 50th anniversary tour and there was strong rumors that Gregg may even join the tour.

Sit down and enjoy my conversation with Gregg and hear how his involvement came to happen.

Thanks for tuning in.

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Today my friends Hunter Thompson and Sam Wilkerson of the band White Reaper stop by and talk all about their new album Asking For A Ride which just came out last month.

We dive into all kinds of topics including touring with Pearl Jam, their love of Comedy, and  the struggles with down time during the pandemic.  

I can't recommend their new record enough. It goes from some real heavy thrash metal to some amazing Weezer type pop hooks.

Go see White Reaper out on tour right now around the US.

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This week you can catch me in San Francisco 4 nights Feb 22nd thru 25th at the Punchline.

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Today I sit down with the incredible Vinny Appice drummer for some of the greatest Metal and Rock Bands ever.

We dive into his long amazing career with Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, Derringer and even John Lennon.

He is currently playing with Last In Line featuring some of the Holy Diver era Players including Vivian Campbell and they have a brand new record coming out March 31st 2023 called Jericho.

Tune in and enjoy. Don't forget to visit my website for

tickets and merch.

Lots of upcoming live shows.

This week I am in Elko Nevada Feb 17th and 18

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Las Vegas Nevada Comedy Cellar April 3rd -9th 

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Tune in and hear me dive into, Grammy Talk, Bruce Springsteen's Tour Kick Off, 

My time at the Virgil Abloh exhibit at the Brooklyn museum 

and Flea's incredible home that is for sale right now.

Thanks for listening my friends.

Road dates - 

Next week Feb 17 and 18 Elko Nevada

Feb 22nd thru 25th San Francisco Punchline.

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Today I dive into all kinds of stuff including 

The Elvis Film, Tarantula Spiders, New records by The Mother Hips, and White Reaper 

and of course the 49ers.

Thanks for your kind words on these solo Episodes I hope you enjoy this one.

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Have a great week my friends and I hope to see you guys this month at some of my shows. 

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Today I sit down with the great Mike Portnoy and talk all about

The Winery Dogs brand new album called III which comes out 

Feb 3rd.

Mike and I also dive into our love of KISS, Classic Rock and live Bootlegs

Thanks for tuning in.

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NEW YORK Jan, 25 - 28

Palm Springs Feb 3rd

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Today I dive into 

Old school Twin Peaks

Social Distorion turning 40

Jeff Beck 

Thanks for tuning in

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I love you Mom and I will never forget you.

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Today I dive into my top 10 records of 2022,

My love of the Led Zeppelin Celebration Day Concert

And Touring Arenas with Bill Burr

I hope you guys dig

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Today I dive into 

My love of Fleetwood Mac

The new Neil Young documentary Harvest Time

and My visit to the LA Auto Show.

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Today we dive into the last of my Marcus King Tour Diary Series with the great Mike "Sleeveless" Runyon keyboard player for The Marcus King Band.

Mike has been playing Keys all his life and has a great story on how he joined the Marcus King Band.

Mike and I dive into our love of the B3, our favorite players and some of our favorite tour moments.

Also I make a very special announcement on this episode during the intro so give it a listen.

I wanna thank everyone on the MK tour I will never forget you guys. 

Keep the Candles lit my friends



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Today I continue my Marcus King Band Diary with Drew Smithers slide and 2nd guitar player for the Marcus King Band.

Drew is a fantastic Guitar Player and a great human with a really cool story.

Drew and I dive deep into how he got started playing guitar, his time in Bishop Gunn, Working at Carter Vintage and of course how he joined

the Marcus King Band.

Thanks for tuning in and have a fantastic Thanksgiving everyone.

Candles Lit



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Today I sit dow with Jason Roberts and talk all about what it's like to drive a Rock n Roll Tour Bus for a living.

You ever wonder how people start driving Musicians around the United States in a tour bus then this episode is for you.

Tour bus driving is a stressful job and a really good driver is hard to come by.

Some bands keep the same driver for years when they find a good one and Jason is one of the best.

Jason has driven some of the biggest stars in the biz including Lucinda Williams, Drake and Marcus King.

Sit back and enjoy this episode and thank you for always tuning in.



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Today we have a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame legend Mr John Oates on the show.

John stops by today to talk about his new single Pushin' A Rock, his years in the Music Biz, Songwriting and Recording and His love of Porsche 911 cars.

Daryl Hall & John Oates are the most successful duo in the history of music selling over 80 million Records to date.

The list of hits is mind boggling, She's Gone, Sara Smile, Maneater, Private Eyes, Kiss Is On My List, Out Of Touch and so many more.

It was an honor to sit down with John today.

Hope you enjoy this episode. Don't forget to subscribe and review the podcast on iTunes and YouTube.

Keep Rocking 


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Today my friend Neal Francis returns to the show to talk  about the 2 month tour we just did around American with Marcus King and Ashland Craft.

Neal and I also dig into his new EP Sentimental Garbage which comes out Nov 18th 2022 and our love of all things Music.

Catch Neal on tour right now in Europe.

Thank you for tuning in every week my friends.



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Today I sit down with Michael Sweet singer, songwriter and guitar player for Stryper.

Stryper have been recording records and touring for almost 40 years and have sold over 10 million records.

Last week Oct 21st 2022 they dropped a new album called "The Last Battle" that went immediately to #1 on iTunes.

Michael and I dive into the long career of Stryper also we dig into his time in the band Boston and his love of guitars.

Hope you enjoy this episode and dont forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and YouTube.



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Today we have the great Ashland Craft on Let There Be Talk.

Ashland is a fantastic old school country singer / songwriter who has an amazing record out right now called Travelin Kind.

Hear how Ashland started out working Honky Tonks playing 5 sets a night eventually finding her way onto the hit T.V. show The Voice.

Ashland has been touring for the last 6 weeks with us on the Marcus King Rock n Comedy tour and it has just been incredible to watch her crushing it every night.

Have a great week and keep the candles lit



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Today I sit down with Jack Ryan drummer for The Marcus King Band.

I've had the pleasure of watching Jack play the drums this last month while I've been out on this incredible tour and I'll tell you this Jack Ryan is going to be a house hold name for years to come.

Anyone that has been to any of the Marcus King shows over the years knows Jack is a killer on the drums.

Jack sits down today and talks all about how he got into playing drums and how he started playing in the Marcus King Band.

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Today we have Rock n Roll Hall of Famer, Michael McDonald of The Doobie Brothers / Steely Dan on the show.

This man has written some of the greatest songs to every hit the FM Dial including Minute by Minute, What a Fool Believes, Takin It To The Streets and I Keep Forgettin.

Michael sits down with me today for an In-Depth conversation on his Career in Music.

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Episode 666 is here and what better guest to have than the legend himself King Diamond of Mercyful Fate.

King and I sat down today for a long In-Depth conversation on all things King Diamond including, Influences, Songwriting, Lyrics, Mercyful Fate and even some Car Talk.

Mercyful Fate and King Diamond have been a massive influence to the metal world and it was an Honor to sit down with the King.

I hope you all enjoy this episode.

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Today my good friend comedian Jim Florentine returns to the show to talk about his new comedy record Terrorizing Telemarketers 7 which is currently #1 on iTunes.

Jim and I also dive into what its like opening for bands as a comedian, Baseball in San Francisco and of course Metal Music.

Thanks for tuning in. If you want to support the podcast join my Patreon at

Have a great week and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and Youtube.


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Today I dive into

The start of the Marcus King Rock and Comedy Youngblood Tour.

Big bands side bands

Incredible films I forgot about

and the iPhone 14 that no one cares about.

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Today my friend Greg Dulli of The Afghan Whigs returns to the show to talk all about their new masterpiece record "How Do You Burn" which comes out this Friday.

This record is absolutely next level and I have not stopped spinning it all week.

It was so good to catch up with Greg on all things Whigs.

We dive into all kinds of topics including his early days in LA working at Tower Records, Peter Falk aka Columbo teaching him about Jazz, recording in the desert and Touring in Europe during a heat wave.

I love this episode.

Have a great week and looking forward to seeing you guys out on the road.



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Kaya Stewart has been writing and recording songs since she was 13 years old. Sure Dave Stewart of Eurythmics is her Dad but that doesn't guarantee talent or success and she knows that.

After a song she wrote and recorded blew up on Soundcloud, records labels started knocking on her door. 

Soon she found herself on Warner Brothers Records and out on the Vans Warped Tour but it wasn't all dreamy.

Kaya decided to start over and do things her way. During the Pandemic she was diagnosed with OCD which was the catalyst to write the collection of songs that make up her new album IF THINGS GO SOUTH which was co-written and co-produced by Dave Stewart.

The record comes out Sept 30th and will be available on all streaming platforms.

Kaya has an incredible voice and is a great songwriter and I really dig some of the songs on her new album.

I think you guys are really gonna dig this episode.

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Today on Let There Be Talk I go solo and dive into all kinds of 

stuff like  - 

The unveiling of the beautiful Brody Stevens Mural

Metallica's Garage Days Re-Revisited turning 35 years old

Touring in the 70's with no WiFi

and staying motivated in Life.

Thanks for tuning in and make sure you

have a fantastic week out there.



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Today we go to another level on the show with my ultimate dream guest Mr Gene Simmons of KISS.

11 years ago when I started this show I made a list of Dream Guest and Gene was at the top.

This man completely changed my life in 1977 and is 100 percent the reason I pursued a life in the Arts.

Over 660 episodes of Let There Be Talk and 80 percent of them all said Kiss is the reason they started playing music.

To quote my good friend Cedric Bixler-Zavala of The Mars Volta KISS is The Gateway into Rock n Roll and he could not be more correct.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it.

Keep the candles lit my friends


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Today my friend Marcus King stops by the show to talk all about his new album Young Blood coming out Aug 26th on American Recordings.

I have loved this mans music from the first day I heard him and can not stop telling people about him.

Marcus and I dive into whats been going on with him over the last couple of years including working with Dan Auerbach again in the studio, co-writing with Desmond Child and our Rock and Comedy tour that is about to start in Sept.


King has been an outlier from the very beginning. A fourth generation musician from Greenville, SC, who learned guitar at age 3 from his blues rock musician father Marvin King. He navigated troublesome school years to quickly become known as one of the most promising young artists of our time. He followed breakout success with The Marcus King Band, with his Auerbach produced 2020 solo album debut, El Dorado. It garnered a GRAMMY® Award nomination in the category of “Best Americana Album” and critical praise from The New York Times to NPR’s Weekend Edition. With unparalleled performance prowess and a dynamic live show, King has sold out historic venues from The Beacon to The Filmore. He has opened for Chris Stapleton, Greta Van Fleet and Nathaniel Rateliff and graced the bills of Stagecoach, Fuji Rock, Rock Werchter and more. He also recently launched his own custom Gibson guitar and signature Orange guitar amplifier, the MK Ultra, which sold out before it even hit the stores.
King recently announced a massive headline US tour, with dates through September and October 2022 supporting the release of his forthcoming solo album, Young Blood. He will be taking his stadium sized sound to esteemed venues across the U.S, including two nights at venues such as New York’s Beacon Theatre and Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. Neal Francis and Ashland Craft support select dates, and the tour features comedy by Dean Del Ray. Tickets on sale now.

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Today my friend Robby Staebler of All Them Witches returns to the show to fill me in on what ATW is up to.

The band has been dropping a new song a month for their new project called The Bakers Dozen and they are also about to start a European tour next month.

All Them Witches has been one of my favorite new bands over the last 5 years and I can't recommend them enough.

Do yourself a favor and dive into their incredible records and definitely see this band live.

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Today I sit down with my friend Dave Elitch and talk about his life behind the Drum Kit playing with legends.

Dave has played Drums for The Mars Volta, Antemasque, Weezer, Killer Be Killed and so many more.

When Dave isn't in the recording studio or out on tour with a band he's teaching drums to some of the biggest in the biz.

This is a fantastic episode on Drums, Watches, Cars and Life.

Brought to you by my sponsor Better Help.

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Today is new music day with Kenny Becker of the Los Angeles band Goon.

Kenny stops by and talks all about Goon's new record Hour Of Green that came out last Friday, July 15th 2022.

Goon is a fantastic indie band that is drawing love from everyone all over town including Reggie Watts.

Make sure you also check out their other record Heaven is Humming.

Kenny not only writes the songs but he also does all the artwork for the band.

Help spread the word of new music.


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Today on Let There Be Talk we have the legend himself drummer Thommy Price.

Thommy is best know as the groove behind Joan Jett and The Blackhearts but early on he played with Scandal recording the hit song The Warrior.

From Scandal Thommy joined Billy Idol and recorded the Hit record Rebel Yell which exploded all over radio and MTV.

Thommy spent a few years with Billy Idol touring all over the world before settling into The Blackhearts for 28 years.

This mans stories are amazing.

Hope to see you guys in Fort Collins Colorado this week at The Comedy Fort July 15 and 16.

Keep Rocking 

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Today I go solo for a special 4th of July episode.

I dive into some old 4th of July stories,

The Soundgarden catolog 

Wimbledon Tennis Champions 

and Lowrider cars

Have a great 4th my friends.

See you in Austin Tx this Saturday July 9th

Tickets at 

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Today we have another drummer/songwriter on the show Mr Hunt Sales.

You may have heard Hunt laying down the groove on your favorite Iggy Pop records or early Todd Rundgren records and of course who could forget the great Tin Machine with David Bowie.

Hear how Hunt and his brother Tony got started back in the day, What it was like having Soupy Sales as his father and what he's working on these days.

Thanks for tuning in and please leave a review and subscribe to my Youtube and ITunes channels.




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Today we have a Rock n Roll lifer on the show Mr Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

I have been listening to this mans music since the 90's and I have to say he is a huge influence on me with his outlook on art and work ethic.

With over 19 records out and more to come this man is the real deal. Anton has never been afraid to speak his mind and also explore all kinds of sounds and feelings in his music.

The Brian Jonestown are currently out on tour and also have 2 new records coming out including Fire Doesn't Grow on Trees which will be out June 24th.

Anton and I sit down and dive deep into all things Jonestown so sit back and enjoy this conversation.

Direct download: ANTON_FINAL_MIX.mp3
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My guest today is the punk rock legend John Doe of the Los Angeles band X.

John has been making incredible music most of his life including his new solo record Fables in a Foreign land which is out right now.

John and I dive into the early days of X and working with Ray Manzarek of the Doors, Playing the David Letterman show in the 80's, writing and recording during Covid and living in different parts of the country.

Catch John out on tour with his solo band and also with X all this summer.

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Today I sit down with Ahmet Zappa and talk all things Comedy and Rock.

Ahmet and I dive deep into all things Zappa including the Zappa Doc, The Zappa Band touring right now and Life growing up as a Zappa.

Make sure you check out his Sirius XM show Rocktails and follow him on Instagram @ahmetzappa

Have a great weekend keep the candles Lit.

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Today I am dropping a special Solo episode so I can ramble about a bunch of stuff on my mind.

Wilco has a fantastic new record.

Def Leppard at the Whisky a Go Go

The George Carlin Documentary 

and Haunted Houses.

Next week I will return with a very special guest.

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Today I am dropping a rare Friday episode in honor of my good friend Fahim Anwar releasing his new Stand Up Comedy special Hat Trick today. Hat Trick was filmed in all 3 rooms at the world famous Comedy Store and you can find it on Youtube absolutely free.

Click on the link and please share the special with all you friends.

Fahim and I sit down and talk all about how he shot and directed this special and we also dig into our love of the Comedy Store and Stand Up.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to click the link. 

Direct download: Fahim_Final.mp3
Category:comedy -- posted at: 1:27pm PST

Today is New Music Monday with my guest Hannah Merrick and Craig Whittle of King Hannah.

King Hannah are a band out of Liverpool and they make Beautiful Music. They have a brand new record out right now called I'm Not Sorry, I was Just Being Me and you can find it wherever you stream music.

King Hannah is currently on a U.S. tour so hit their website and find out where you can go see them.

Support new music and help spread the word.

Candles Lit 


Direct download: King_Hanna_final_mix.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 10:22pm PST

Today my friend Ler returns to Let There Be Talk to dive into how the new Primus EP Conspiranoid came about.

We also talk all about how the Tribute to Rush tour is going and what it's like to play A Farewell To Kings every night in its entirety. 

Catch Primus out on the road right now all over the US and also get their new EP right now.

Thank you so much for tuning in.



Direct download: Ler_Primus_final_mix_2nd_visit.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 11:30pm PST

Today I sit down with the great Graham Bonnet singer songwriter for legends like Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow , MSG and Alcatrazz.

Graham and I dive way into his career going all the way back to the beginning when he worked with the Bee Gees.

Graham has a new solo record out May 13th 2022 called DAY OUT IN NOWHERE and you can see his new video right now on Youtube for the song Imposter.

Leave a review and subscribe to my podcast on iTunes and Youtube.


Direct download: Graham_2nd_final_no_def_leppard.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 12:52pm PST

Today we have an absolute legend on the show Dave Stewart of Eurythmics.

This man has sold over 100 Million records, He's won every award there is, He's been Inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame and also the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

Dave has worked with some of the biggest in the music biz including, Mick Jagger, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, Ringo Starr the list goes on and on.

Dave has a 3 record Box Set of all new material coming out May 20th called Ebony McQueen and it is fantastic.

Tune in and enjoy this mans amazing stories.

Thank You



Direct download: Dave_Stewert_final_mix.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 6:49pm PST

Today is new music day on Let There Be Talk with my guest Patrick Ferris of The Americans.

The Americans play some incredible Rock n Roll and if you like Tom Petty, The Band, Wilco or any thing in that wheelhouse you are gonna love this band.

They have a new record coming out May 6th 2022 called Stand True so do yourself a favor and dig in asap.

Patrick and I dive deep into how this Los Angeles band started and all kinds of other great stories including, backing Nick Cave at a concert, Songwriting, Roots Rock n Roll and recording.

Thanks for tuning in and please help spread the word of my podcast network Cactus Radio Network.


Direct download: Patrick_Ferris_americans_final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 10:46am PST

Today my guest is Michael Urbano one of the most sought after drummers in the music biz.

From his early days growing up in Sacramento playing 5 sets a night of Funk and Disco covers in the 70's to a record deal with Indie rockers Bourgeois Tagg.

This man has recorded with some of the biggest bands of the 80's and 90's including Cracker, Third Eye Blind, Smash Mouth, John Hiatt, Paul Westerberg and Sheryl Crow.

These days you can see Michael live on tour with the Fleetwood Mac legend Lindsey Buckingham.

Thank you so much for tuning in.

This episode is brought to you by Buck Mason some of the best clothing made these days. Use the link and get a free T-Shirt with your first purchase. 

Direct download: Urbano_final_mix.mp3
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Today my guest is Ben Thatcher drummer of the band Royal Blood.

At the age of 10 years old this man was playing drums in a church band every week in front of 300 people. Soon after he discovered the Red Hot Chili Peppers record Blood Sugar Sex Magic and more specifically Chad Smiths funky grooves and it changed his life.

Ben started the 2 piece band Royal Blood with Mike Kerr and quickly went in and did some demos that found there way onto Soundcloud where Warner Brothers records discovered them and signed them to a record deal.

With 3 records out and a new single right now called Honeybrains this band is just getting bigger and better.

Right now they are on a UK Arena tour and are about to start a US tour April 19th 2022 in Detroit.

Make sure you go back and listen their 2021 record Typhoons. I highly recommend it.




Direct download: Ben_Thatcher_royal_blood_final.mp3
Category:Music -- posted at: 9:58pm PST

Today my guest is the great Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard on Let There Be Talk.

We dive into Vivian's musical history including his early days in Sweet Savage, His audition for Dio, His love of Gory Gallagher and Gary Moore and of course Def Leppard's upcoming Summer Stadium Tour with Mötley Crüe.

So much good stuff on this episode so tune in now and don't forget to Subscribe on iTunes and Youtube.


Direct download: Vivian_Campbell_final_mix.mp3
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