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On today's episode of Let There Be Talk, my favorite comedian, Marc Maron, host of WTF stops by to talk rock 'n roll, Comedy Store, and life. This is my favorite so far.  

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On today's episode of Let There Be Talk, comedian and Comedy Store regular Tony Hinchcliffe stops by to talk Pink Floyd, and his experiences writing for the Comedy Central Roasts, and 'The Burn' with Jeff Ross.

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On today's episode of Let There Be Talk, Mother Hips lead guitarist and singer, songwriter Greg Loiacono explains the ups and downs of being in a rock 'n roll band for twenty-two years.

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On today's episode of Let There Be Talk, if you want to know what it's like to be an indie-film director, my guest, director Franck Khalfoun, tells the war stories of Hollywood, and horror.

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On today's episode of Let There Be Talk, Lebanese-American comedian and Comedy Store regular, Nick Youssef, stops by to discuss Coachella, the band Tool, shitty jobs, and losing his virginity.

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On today's episode of Let There Be Talk, comedian Tony Rock stops by to talk hip-hop, and his love of classic sneakers and classic rock.

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Want to know what its like booking one of the most prestigious comedy clubs in America?  Tune in and listen to my guest, Hollywood Improv talant booker- JAMIE FLAM.  

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Today on Let There Be Talk, my friend Scoot McNairy stops by and tells what its like to star in a the new film with Brad Pitt, Killing Them Softly.

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If you like the Hangover, Hangover 2 or Due Date tune into this episode with Brody Stevens.  

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This week on Let There Be Talk we welcome special guest Mike Beach.  25 years in the Hollywood game, Mike and Dean talk about life in the movie world. 

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