#265: Harold Friedman & Nitebob-Rock n Roll Soundmen and Guitar Techs for the Stars

On this episode of LET THERE BE TALK i go behind the scenes of Rock n Roll and talk to 2 different people in the biz.

First guest is Harold Friedman who was the first Roadie for Quiet Riot and Randy Rhoads back in 1975. This guys early Randy stories are priceless.

2nd guest is the world famous "Nitebob" soundman and tour manager for some of the biggest bands ever including Aerosmith, Iggy and the stooges,New York Dolls and ELP.
Do not miss this episode

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#264:Jamie Gray Hyder/Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

On todays episode of Let There Be Talk My guest is Jamie Gray Hyder.
You may remember her from TRUE BLOOD or GRACELAND but Jamie has landed a new gig on the brand new Video Game CALL OF DUTY INFINITE WARFARE.
She stops by and talk about what goes into making and acting in a video game.

Also on this Episode Chris Warren and Bruce Shoemaker from Wesco Boots stop by and talk about doing custom fittings out at Born Free 8 this weekend.

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#263:Vicky Hamilton/Appetite for Dysfunction

On today's episode of LET THERE BE TAlK my guest is Vicky Hamilton. In the 80s she managed some of the biggest bands of all time including Guns N' Roses, Poison, Stryper & Faster Pussycat. She's also the author of a brand-new book called Appetite for Dysfunction.

In the late 70s Vicky had a dream of moving to Los Angeles from Indiana and becoming a Rock 'n' Roll band manager. Her dreams came true. Not only did she manage some of the biggest bands in the 80's she also became a A&R person at Geffen and Capital records

Do not miss this amazing episode

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#262:Jenny Wade/Actress

On todays Bonus Episode of LET THERE BE TALK my friend Jenny Wade stops by and talks about how she got her start as an actress in Hollywood.

Jenny Wade is an actress from Eugene Oregon best known for playing Liz Traynor on the Fox television series The Good Guys, Nina in TV series Reaper and "Honey Pie" in the Feast trilogy.


Do not miss this episode. Jenny has some amazing stories about her life in Hollywood.

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#261:Butch Walker/Singer Songwriter/Producer

On todays episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is Singer Songwriter,Producer Butch Walker.

Butch was the lead guitarist for the metal band SouthGang from the late 1980s to early 1990s as well as the lead vocalist and guitarist for rock band Marvelous 3 from 1997 until 2001. Over the last 15 years Butch has had a full on Solo career and has a new record on the way Aug 26th called STAY GOLD

Over the last 10 years Butch has also become one of the most sought after record producer in the music biz working with WEEZER,PETE YORN,Avril Lavigne Katy Perry,Pink and so many more.


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#260:Josh Homme/Queens of the Stone Age/Kyuss

On todays episode of LET THERE BE TALK a Dream Guest of mine Josh Homme stops by

and talks about everything from Kyuss,QOTSA,Iggy Pop and our love for the Mad Max films. 

i can't thank Josh enough for doing the show. It was a great day.

Look for some new QOTSA music soon.

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#259:Tim Bluhm/Singer,Songwriter for The Mother Hips

On this Episode of LET THERE BE TALK one of my favorite musicians ever Mr Tim Bluhm of The Mother Hips stops by and talks about life.

Tim has been playing music for a living since 1991 traveling all over the globe.

The Mother Hips are 1 of my favorite bands of all time and a huge influence on me in more ways than one.

Do not miss this episode

Check all their music on iTunes The Mother Hips

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#258:Dean Delray & Christian Spicer

This special Bonus Episode of B*tchin with Dean Delray & Christian Spicer comes 2 you live from the ALL THINGS COMEDY STUDIOS. The guys take phone calls from around world.

This is the 45th edition of "B*TCHIN" On LET THERE BE TALK

Recorded May 24th 2016 live.

Call in every Tuesday or watch the live stream 2:30pm Pacific (323) 282-7424

Call in and B*TCH

Brought to you by

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#257:Chantal Claret/singer songwriter /actress /LOVE

On this episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is the amazing singer, songwriter, actress & rocker Chantal Claret.

Chantal stops by and tells some amazing stories about the Rock n Roll scene back in the early 2000's in New York City when her band MORNINGWOOD got singed to a major label.

Chantel also talks about working on the new NETFLIX show LOVE.

Do not miss this amazing Rock n Roll episode full of some kick ass tales

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#256:Teri Gender Bender/Le Butcherettes

On todays Episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is the amazing Singer, Songwriter, Artist- Teri Gender Bender from Le Butcherettes.

This woman is the real deal and it was a honer to have her on the show. 

Do not miss this episode and when you are done check out her music on ITUNES.

Also follow her on twitter and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today.


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